20+ ARMY Reactions To “Run BTS!” Episode 145 That Are Almost Funnier Than The Episode Itself

To sum up the episode: Historical K-Drama meets comedy.

BTS time-travels to the Joseon Dynasty in episode 145 of Run BTS! 

BTS continue where they left off in episodes 120 and 121 in which the members were transported to the 1970s-1980s era: “Reply BTS Village.” In those episodes, the members attempted to deduce who among them broke the village’s beloved ARMY headstone during a blackout.

| BTS/Weverse

After arriving in the Joseon Dynasty by a time leap, the stone traveled with them in two pieces, one with them and one has fallen somewhere in the village. Their mission is to find it in order to return to 2021. Otherwise, time and space will be distorted again, resulting in sending BTS to yet another era.

| BTS/Weverse

If that wasn’t enough drama, during the search, all of the members are considered suspects just as before in the mystery of the stolen headstone. Henceforth, the royal army is actively searching for the thief, so the members must be careful while searching for clues and attempting to complete their own assigned individual missions.

| BTS/Weverse

It has all of the ingredients to make up a fun and chaotic episode of our favorite variety show! Yet, the only thing funnier than the episode itself is perhaps viewers’ reactions. Here are 10+ of the funniest ARMY reactions to Run BTS! episode 145…

1. “Your one, your two.”

2. Well, Suga said what we were all thinking

3. It finally happened!

4. One moment inspired numerous memes…

5. Honestly, same

6. No one works harder than Jungkook’s cameraman

7. He wouldn’t even have to ask us

8. Our smol hyung line

9. RM is too good for this world

10. Who isn’t at this point?

11. A potential meme

12. The return of Taechwita

13. J-Hope is now Cinderella

14. More Run BTS!? More YoonMin bickering!

15. *accepts*

16. Ready for battle!

17. This whole episode had the makings of a K-Drama

Seriously, the storyline would be perfect for it.

There’s even a potential love triangle?!

18. Some things never change

19. For many of us, this is 100% accurate

20. V might be the one sleeping in the doghouse, not Yeontan

21. All we could think about the whole episode

22. Pure chaos

Check out some of the best moments from the episode below:

Here’s 20 Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 145 That You Need To See

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