15+ Of The Funniest V Selfies That BTS Has Ever Tweeted

If you’re new to BTS’s Twitter, you probably missed these.

BTS‘s Twitter history is just as wild and wonderful as the members themselves. V, in particular, has many funny selfies floating around the internet that were tweeted by him and his members (usually for his birthday). Here are 15+ V selfies that we hope will stay on @bts_twt Twitter forever!

1. This optical illusion

Just how strong is this prescription?

2. Welcome. First time with V?

V is a master at charismatic facial expressions on stage and hilarious ones off stage. This photo is proof!

3. The photo that predicted “Dynamite”?

Okay, this photo didn’t really predict BTS’s new song (probably), but V’s disco moves are straight out of the “Dynamite” choreography.

4. Eye see you

These two photos were tweeted side by side. In the first one, we get an extreme close up of V’s eye.

The second photo shows one of V’s mildly frightening “derp faces”.

5. 2 Drool 4 Skool

Who needs photo editors when you can turn yourself into a meme with doodles? My only question is who (or what) is that green thing in the background?

6. Hello, my name is Vincent

V is serving artsy Beatnik looks with his black beret and beetle-eye shades. This is what you call fashion.

7. From cool to chaotic in 8 photos

The more you look at it, the funnier it gets!

8. “Happy Birthday” – Love, BTS

These funny photos were tweeted by V’s members for his birthday. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

9. A visual from every angle

Even when V tries to take a “bad” photo, it doesn’t quite work out.

10. What is he looking at?

It’s been years, and we’re still wondering what made V reacted this way.

11. Baby V

One year, V tweeted this baby photo for his birthday. Rather than choosing a non-naked baby photo or using an emoji to cover baby V up, V used a strategically placed elephant doodle. (It is an elephant, right?)

12. Is he stuck?

This might be the best airplane photo in existence. Period.

13. The ultimate “I’m so done” reaction meme