Netizens Still Obsess Over Krystal Jung’s Legendary Past Airport Fashion — Here Are 12 Looks That Are 2022 Approved

After all this time, these outfits are still iconic!

Looking back at Krystal Jung‘s iconic airport fashion from a decade ago, her classic and timeless looks still hold up to this day. According to netizens, her simple and chic style has made her a fashion icon that stands the test of time. Check out some of her previous looks below that we still can’t get over!

1. Classic Leather Jacket and Sunglasses

This bundled up look for fall featuring a classic leather jacket will always give her signature chic vibes!

2. Shearling Jacket and Leather Booties

You’ll find yourself wanting to bring back skinny jeans when looking at Krystal’s neat and classic look.

3. Blazer and Top Handle Bag

Nothing screams professional like both of these classic pieces paired together.

4. Knit Sweater Vest and White Button-Up

This preppy look is so timeless, it lives on in 2022!

5. Plaid Shirt and Baker Boy Hat

Along with her mini skirt, this nostalgic look has completely come back around and resurfaced in recent Y2K-inspired trends.

6. Casual Go-To Look

Krystal adds some flare to an otherwise simple look with a designer bag and some low profile shoes.

7. Muted Colors

For a timeless look, Krystal combines black, gray, and military green.

8. Fur Coat

She lets her gorgeous jacket becomes the focal point of her outfit by rocking everything else in black — even her socks!

9. Mini Skirt and Sweater

Denim mini skirts have also resurfaced in fashion. It wouldn’t be out of place to see this look at the airport in 2022!

10. “Cold Beauty” Vibes

Krystal lives up to her nickname in this look that incorporates both masculine and feminine pieces. Her button-up shirt and structured jacket contrast well with her slim line jeans and heeled booties.

11. Argyle Print

Krystal shows that you can never go wrong with a classic argyle sweater. She adds a little edge with simple pieces like gray jeans and black leather boots.

12. Sleek Gray Blazer

Krystal keeps her outfits classic with simple color palettes.

Source: Nate Pann


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