10+ Times (G)I-DLE Didn’t Wear An Ounce Of Makeup And Actually Looked Flawless

#4 is barefaced goals!

The members of (G)I-DLE are undeniably stunning, especially when their visuals are brighter than ever without a speck of makeup. These girls need to drop their glowy, natural skin routines ASAP. Here are 10+ times they shut haters up at the sight of their stunning bare faces!

1. Yuqi’s bare face shows she has no need for makeup.

She couldn’t be any cuter!

2. Shuhua often goes out without makeup.

She’s not a fan of wearing makeup when she doesn’t need to during her schedule.

3. Minnie’s natural beauty shines through.

With no makeup or even minimal makeup, she’s flawless.

4. Miyeon proves her visual status with some barefaced selfies.

We need her skincare routine ASAP.

5. Soyeon and Minnie are barefaced queens.

They woke up like this!

6. Yuqi’s no-makeup photo session is everything we ever needed.

Her adorable features don’t need an ounce of makeup.

7. Shuhua stuns in public.

She’s confident in her bare face — as she should be!

8. Soyeon’s natural look brings out her cute side.

With makeup on, she becomes a fierce leader!

9. Minnie is also known for her duality with and without makeup.

She goes from baby angel to charismatic performer!

10. Yuqi is definitely a “face genius!”

This means her facial features are stunning.

11. Miyeon is also known for her gorgeous visuals.

She’s beautiful and she knows it!

12. Shuhua might inspire you to go without makeup.

Let your natural beauty shine!

13. The girls of (G)I-DLE pave the way for gorgeous natural looks.

There’s no denying their beauty.