6 Female Idols Who Wow With Their Perfect S-Lines Wearing White Shirts And Jeans

How do they look so good??

Female K-Pop idols are known for their crazy beautiful visuals but some of them have perfect bodies that are the envy of all. Here are 6 female idols who show off their insane S-lines in just a simple white top and jeans!

1. Naeun (Apink)

| Instiz

Up first is the legendary visual girl group Apink. Naeun is known amongst netizens for having an ant waist so it’s no wonder she makes it onto this list! Crop top or not, you can just tell she has golden ratios.

Her ant waist is accompanied by her perfect hip ratio making her the envy of girls everywhere! Having the perfect s-line seems like it’d be impossible but not for Naeun. How does she do it?

2. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

| Naver

Up next is Seulgi of Red Velvet who is known for her killer abs! She looks amazing in this simple white tank and blue jean combination. Not only is her s-line pretty perfect but Seulgi is also known to have nice arms as well. Someone tell us her workout regime stat!

3. Somi

| theqoo

Somi is another female idol who constantly wows netizens with her perfect figure. What makes it even more impressive is her young age! At only 19 years old, she somehow managed to perfect her figure. Netizens know that she is big lover of pilates so it’s not a surprise that she has such a great s-line!

4. Sujeong (Lovelyz)

| Instiz

This one shook fans to the core! Sujeong of Lovelyz made headlines for her s-line and rightfully so. In low rise denim paired with a crop top, one of her fancams went viral two years ago because of her perfect hip to waist ratio.

| @iloveryu._/Instagram

She continues to awe netizens as she posts on her personal Instagram page with another version of herself in a white top and jeans. This one really accentuates her tiny waist with the tie detail of the shirt. Who knew someone could look this good in such a simple outfit?

5. Tzuyu (TWICE)

| V Live

This girl has got it all! Tzuyu of ever popular girl group TWICE doesn’t just have a perfect face but she also has a perfect body. She is constantly the center of envy with her tiny little waist and perfect hips.

| V Live

What netizens don’t understand is how someone so young can have such a stunning figure. She continues to stun fans and netizens all around due to her perfect ratios. No wonder she looks good in everything she wears!

6. Yoona (Girls’ Generation)

Last but definitely not least is Yoona from Girls’ Generation. She made headlines back in the day with her perfect abs and she still manages to make headlines now for the same reason! Although she’s been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years now, netizens can’t seem to get over her perfect s-line.

| Tistory

She always wows netizens with her perfectly flat abs that are accompanied by her waist line. Fans and netizens alike don’t get how someone so slim can have such an s-line! Teach us your ways Yoona!

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