Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Members Of “Girl Planet 999″‘s Girl Group: Kep1er

They are going to be the next big thing!

After a grueling competition, the final lineup was finally announced for Mnet‘s Girl Planet 999 newest girl group Kep1er!

The competition started with 99 contestants from Korea, China, and Japan who were picked through auditions. Through a series of rounds and challenges, contestants were eliminated until only 18 battled in the final to make it into the debuting group. Here is everything you need to know about the girls who made the final lineup!

1. Kim Chaehyun (K Group)

Before the final, Kim Chaehyun gained attention in the show after rising from 10th place to first rank in the rankings. Born on April 26, 2002, in Yeonje district, Busan, she has caught the attention of fans with her strong and stable vocals during performances.

| Mnet

Prior to the show, Chaehyun had trained as an idol for many years. Starting her career at SM Entertainment, she almost became a member of aespa after training with some of the members. Yet, for some reason, she left the company last year and recently joined the CJ ENM subsidiary WAKEONE, previously known as MMO Entertainment.

| @chaehyunfiles/ Twitter

She has slowly risen through the ranks throughout the competition and is definitely deserving of her place in the rankings and in the final lineup!

2. Huening Bahiyyih (K Group)

With her dazzling visuals and charming personality, Huening Bahiyyih has been a fan favorite from the very beginning, especially on a global scale. Throughout the show, she has constantly improved and gained confidence throughout every round with her consistent performances.

| Mnet

Going into the show, one thing that fans noticed about Bahiyyih was that she is the younger sister of TXT‘s Hueningkai, who even appeared on the show to wish his sister luck. However, she fought by herself to become a trainee and get to a position to pass the show’s auditions.

| @leanavvab/ Instagram

By ranking 1st place in 115 countries for the final, Bayiyyih has showcased her popularity regardless of her family. With her charm and talent, she will only continue to grow and Kep1er is the best place for her to achieve this.

3. Choi Yujin (K Group)

Out of all the contestants going into the show, Choi Yujin definitely had the most eyes on her due to her K-Pop experience. She continued to showcase just how reliable she was throughout the show, never ranking outside of the top 9. In each performance, she brought talent, visuals, and personality.

| Mnet

With all of her experience, Yujin was definitely one of the most known contestants as she is part of the girl group CLC. After sharing her emotional thoughts on CUBE‘s treatment of the group, fans couldn’t stop praising her for everything she had achieved with the members since debuting in 2015.

Yujin and the other members of CLC | @CUBECLC/ Twitter

With her immense experience and knowledge of the K-Pop industry, Yujin will definitely be one of the key players in Kep1er. With her strong vocals and dance specialty, she more than deserves this opportunity to re-debut.

4. Kim Dayeon (K Group)

During the interim rankings, many viewers were surprised to see a new name at the top of the pile: Kim Dayeon. Throughout the series, Dayeon has wowed fans with her impressive leadership skills and choreography skills. In particular, she shined during the performance of BLACKPINK‘s “Ice Cream.”

| Mnet

Debuting as an actress at just the age of three, Dayeon continued to work hard throughout her career. At the age of 15, she joined the lineup for Produce 48 and, despite failing to make it to the end, she made an impact with her bubbly personality and performance skills.

Dayeon on “Produce 48” | Mnet

Around the end of 2020 or in early 2021, she moved to Jellyfish Entertainment before it was announced she would be on the show. Throughout the series, Kim Dayeon gained praise for her stage presence, and this will be a huge asset to the group.

5. Seo Youngeun (K Group)

Seo Youngeun has slowly been rising in the rankings by impressing fans and the masters with her versatility on stage. From her performances of NCT 127‘s “Kick It,” and BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That,” she proves that her skills lie in the details of a song.

| Mnet

Born in December 2004, Youngeun is a trainee under Biscuit Entertainment and believes that her specialties are boy group and hip-hop dancing. As a child, she trained in a number of dance styles, from traditional Korean to ballet, and it shows in her fluidity on stage.

| Mnet

With her presence on stage being undeniable, there is no doubt that she will continue to grow and shine throughout this process. She already showcases true talent at such a young age, and it will only improve as she gets more experience.

6. Kang Yeseo (K Group)

Since she first appeared on the show, 16-year-old Yeseo has stunned fans with a series of versatile performances. Throughout the show, she continued to impress with her talent and also visuals which are undeniable.

| Mnet

Prior to her appearance on the show, Ye Seo had experience in groups after almost debuting in the child girl group Pritti and then being the lead vocalist in the group Busters before the group went on a hiatus in 2020.

Yeseo with fellow Buster members Takara, and Jieun

With her specialty lying in acting, Yeseo is going to be a major asset to the group. Despite her young age, she has already showcased her potential and will continue to grow and improve with time.

7. Ezaki Hikaru (J Group)

Born in 2004, Ezaki Hikaru consistently delivered amazing performances, which kept her towards the top of the ranks each week. With her bright personality and charm, viewers fell in love with her from the very beginning.

| Mnet

In Japan, Hikaru became a member of Avex Artist Academy’s trainee duo group, +GAMG, in Japan. She was known as ‘Hikarun’ and had many solo appearances while the group was together. Although it disbanded in 2018, Hikaru is still a trainee under her company.

| @c33girls/ Twitter

Going into the show, she was always a firm favorite with her stunning rapping skills. With her charming personality, she is another perfect fit for the group.

8. Sakamoto Mashiro (J Group)

21-year-old Sakamoto Mashiro was one of the most popular contestants and gained attention for her diverse talent and stunning visuals throughout the show. Born in Tokyo, Japan, on December 16, 1999, she was extremely consistent and shined in all of her performances.

| Mnet

Yet, her career could’ve gone down a different path as it was revealed that she was a JYP Entertainment trainee back in 2016. Alongside ITZY’s YejiRyujinChaeryeong, and Yuna, many fans of the company expected she’d be part of the lineup for the new girl group. Unfortunately, she left the agency in 2018!

(Left to right, top row) ITZY’s Yuna, trainees Park Sunmin and Park Yejin, ITZY’s Chaeryeong. (Left to right, bottom row) ITZY’s Yeji, Sakamoto Mashiro, and ITZY’s Ryujin. | Mnet

With an MBTI of INFP and hobbies, including playing with her cat and taking walks, Sakamoto is definitely worthy of her place in the final lineup and will showcase her diversity in every performance.

9. Shen Xiaoting (C Group)

The final member to be announced was C Group member Shen Xiaoting. Xiaoting consistently impressed the masters with her talent during her performances. She even ranked first on several occasions, even winning the killing part when her team won with BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That.”

| Mnet

Unlike many of the contestants who made the lineup, Xiaoting had a very different upbringing and was actually a ballroom dancer growing up. She even traveled to Britain and competed in the British Rising Star Amateur Ballroom competition in Blackpool, known as the home of ballroom dancing.

Xiaoting and her dance partner

As the only Chinese contestant to make the final lineup, there is no denying that Xiaoting will continue to shine and showcase her personality and charm on stage!

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