BTS, G-Dragon, BLACKPINK’s Jennie And More All Live In This Area — Here’s Why Hannam-dong Is So Popular Amongst The Rich And Famous

Here’s why many are choosing to live here over Gangnam or Apgujeong.

Although Gangnam is known as the most bustling district in Seoul, Hannam-dong is the true area for the rich and famous. Top-tier boyband, BTS, famously lives in Hannam The Hill, while BLACKPINK Jennie‘s family home is located in The House, Hannam. Stars such as G-Dragon, Kang Daniel, Han Hyo Joo, Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Jong Suk and more are also residing in the area. Other elite locations that are well-known to K-Pop fans may include Apgujeong and Chungdam-dong. However, here’s why the true top 1% favor the neighborhood of Hannam-dong instead.

1. Views, views, and more views!

View from musical actor, Kim So Hyun‘s house in Hannam-dong. | House

Hannam-dong is located extremely close to the Han River. It’s near the riverbank and highway, making it absolutely perfect for those that value a gorgeous view of Seoul. Not only that, but ook the other direction and you’ll see the Namsan Tower and mountains. Best of both worlds indeed.

2. Prime location

| Breaknews

Hannam-dong is perfect for those who want privacy and peace, yet still be in the heart of Seoul. It is just across the river from hip places such as Cheongdam-dong and Garosugil (Sinsa-dong) and a mere 15 minutes drive to Gangnam. It also has access to three of the main highway bridges in Seoul. Hannam-dong also connects the Gangnam and Gangbuk areas, two of the most populated neighborhoods. The best part? There aren’t many office buildings or shopping areas in Hannam-dong itself, meaning there will be less human traffic to worry about.

3. School district


Hannam-dong puts you in the school district of international schools such as Yongsan International School of Seoul and Seoul German School. The former is a highly popular international school, being one of the top 3 international schools in South Korea.

4. Proximity to various facilities

D Museum | bmw2017

Hannam-dong is where you can find various museums such as LeeUm and D Museum. Both are known for contemporary art and trendy exhibitions. Not only that, it is where the famous Banyan Tree Club and Spa is located, a popular retreat for many of the rich and famous.

5. Growing “hipster” area

Cafe Sayoo | 지슐랭가이드

Make no mistake, “hipster” cafes and lifestyles still come expensive in South Korea. With many up-and-coming chefs choosing to put down roots in the affluent district, you can find here a bevy of indie restaurants with long queues every day of the week. Local indie designers also have set up shop along the hilly area of the neighborhood. The quiet area can be hard to get to without a car, however, and most have to trudge along on foot.

| Book Park

Check out how NCT‘s Jaehyun enjoyed his day in Hannam-dong below.

6. Fancy some partying?

Fountain | 옌지

Interestingly, Hannam-dong is right next to Itaewon, a popular nightlife district. The stark contrast between the two neighborhoods may give you whiplash. Itaewon is known for being a melting pot of cultures, with authentic foods from different cultures and many foreigners living there. Large-scale bars such as Fountain and Proust are also located here.

There you have it! Hannam-dong is a neighborhood meant for all generations of the family. From quiet strolls to a good education, indie boutiques, and cute cafes, this place is the place to be. For more on luxury housing in K-Pop, check out our articles on Nine One Hannam and Hannam The Hill.


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