Here’s What The Children From All The Seasons Of “Hello Baby” Look Like Now

They’re all so big now. 🥹

Some of the reality programs most loved by fans of K-Pop groups involve the idols taking care of children for some amount of time including the program Hello Baby. During the show, idols would be assigned a child or children to take care of as they navigated their careers.

SHINee during their season of Hello Baby.

Many fans have often wondered what has happened to the adorable kids that were featured on the program and if they are still in the entertainment industry. Here are all the available updates on all the children that starred in Hello Baby!

1. Girls’ Generation (Season One)

Girls’ Generation was the first idol group to appear on Hello Baby. They became the “mothers” of a nine-month-old named Cho Kyungsan. The episodes consisted of them completing challenges to become the best mother.

Recently, Girls’ Generation were able to see Kyungsan all grown up! In an episode of Soshi Tamtam, the group was given the mission to figure out which boy out of three guests was Kyungsan. They were very excited to see him again after all these years!

Kyungsan, now in his second year of middle school, stated that he has just been living life as a regular person and was not pursuing any sort of career in entertainment at the moment. All-in-all, their reunion was adorable!

2. SHINee (Season Two)

SHINee appeared in the second season of Hello Baby and got to experience fatherhood with an adorable 3-year-old named Jung Yoogeun.

SHINee bonded so well with Yoogeun that Key cried on their last day together!

This was not the last time fans that came to love the adorable child would hear from him. On an account run by his mother, Yoogeun shared plenty of updates through the years including congratulatory SHINee anniversary posts and cute updates.

Yoogeun is now a child actor with more than 10 credits to his name including his appearance in I Have Not Done My Best Yet as the younger version of the lead actor. Most recently, fans were treated to a reunion between Yoogeun and SHINee’s Minho during an episode of Girls Generation’s Soshi Tamtam!

3. T-ARA (Season Three)

T-ARA were lucky enough to become mothers to not one child but three siblings! The Canadian-Korean Moon siblings Mason Moon, Mavin Moon, and Maden Moon were the girl group’s sons for the season.

The group quickly fell in love with the adorable and charming siblings despite the ups and downs of parenthood.

Since the show, Moon Mason has continued his career in entertainment, including appearances in movies and dramas including the K-Drama Making Family and the movies Riot Girls and Polar in 2019. Fans were amazed at how much he had grown when he met up with another child actor, Park Min Ha, in 2020.

Moon Maden was a contestant on SBS’s Loud, a survival reality program where JYP Entertainment and P Nation formed two separate groups. Maden was one of the youngest members of the show at age 13.

T-ARA’s Hyomin (left) and Moon Maden (right) during Hello Baby.

Viewers of the show were concerned over Maden and the other pre-teen contestants competing in such a stressful environment but Maden was eliminated after the first episode of the program.

It seems like Mavin has not been as active in the entertainment industry as his siblings, but according to posts made on the Moon siblings shared Instagram account he is doing well!

4. SISTAR and Super Junior’s Leeteuk (Season Four)

This season featured SISTAR acting as mothers to a baby named Kim Kyumin. In a change from previous seasons, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk was added to the program as the baby’s “father.”


There is not much information online about Kyungmin and his parents do not currently post online regarding the 11-year-old’s activities.

5. MBLAQ (Season 5)

The fifth season of Hello Baby featured the boy group MBLAQ parenting three multicultural children: Dayoung (Vietnamese-Korean), Lauren (Canadian-Korean), and Leo (French-Korean).


The children formed bonds not only with the group members but with each other as well! Many years after the show ended the kids still meet up from time to time to hang out with each other.

Lauren has been active as a model for a variety of brands through the years and her parents recently shared that she graduated from middle school! She is active on social media accounts run by her parents along with posting on YouTube with her younger brother.

Leo is currently active as a child model as well and is active on social media with his siblings. In August 2021, Lauren and Leo met up with MBLAQ’s Thunder for the first time in many years. Dayoung was not able to join them due to being in quarantine during the meet-up.

Leo in 2022. | @recipon_william_leo/Instagram

Speaking of Dayoung, she is not currently active in the industry but fans of the show still get updates whenever she hangs out with Leo and Lauren!

6. B1A4

This season of Hello Baby featured B1A4 caring for two children born in the countryside instead of in Seoul. The member were all born outside of Seoul as well and made the journey to the city to chase their dreams.

B1A4 took care of a little boy named Hyunwoo and a little girl named Eunsol. The two adorable children were very active on social media during and right after their appearance on the show, but there have been few updates over the years. Most recently. Eunsol’s mother shared photos of Eunsol celebrating her 13th birthday in 2020 on her public blog.

Eunsol in 2020. | archijini/Naver

7. Boyfriend (Season Seven)

The final season of Hello Baby featured Boyfriend caring for children chosen through an audition process. While some fans did not like the change in format (going from a less controlled environment to a more entertainment-focused setup), fans loved the cute and charming Ilayda, Jeongmin, and Sieun.

While Sieun was removed from the show after the second episode due to stress, she has been the most active online and is currently working as a child model.

Sieun during episode two of Boyfriend’s Hello Baby. | KBS

Ilayda has been seen in content posted by her older sister Alenya on her social media accounts. Ilayda was active as a child model, but there are few updates about her now.

Baby Jeongmin was also active as a child model and has reportedly done some small roles in a few K-Dramas. There have been few updates about Jeongmin throughout the years.