Here’s A Look At Some Of The Consequences TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Could Face, According To A Lawyer

This is quite the tricky situation.

TWICE‘s Nayeon has been dealing with a stalker named Josh for quite some time now.

Josh is an obsessed “fan” that believes that he’s in a relationship with Nayeon.

He’s even done some behaviors that mimic the ones that sasaeng fans do. He’s also made a death threat towards Nayeon if she ever dated someone.

All of this caused JYP Entertainment to put TWCE under police protection.

Despite all the torment that Nayeon has been suffering due to Josh, it seems that it will be difficult to legally imprison him. A YouTube channel by the name of “Doyouram – Everyday K-Culture” uploaded a video where they spoke with a lawyer about this situation. Here are some of the things they spoke about.

1. If Josh enters Korea, will he be immediately taken to the police?

The lawyer reveals that unless an arrest warrant has been issued towards Josh, it would be practically impossible for Josh to be forcibly taken to the police.

2. Is it impossible to issue an arrest warrant?

With the current situation, the lawyer feels that it would be difficult to issue an arrest warrant. He suggests anyone dealing with a situation like this should obtain as much appropriate evidence as possible.

3. Can Josh’s videos be evidence of stalking?

In regards to Josh’s videos, they can be considered stalking if the videos show consistent and repeated acts of inappropriate behavior.

Also, if the victim suffers due to watching the videos, then the creator of those videos can be punished due to injuring a person.

4. What additional legal measures can be taken?

The lawyer reveals that a restraining order is one possible way that can help.

He also reveals that since Nayeon’s stalker is a foreigner, a ban can be placed on Josh.

However, the lawyer reveals that this measure is a special one, and is highly unlikely to be given.

To conclude, it seems that it would be difficult for Josh to get legally imprisoned.

The video concludes with some things that fans can do to help Nayeon, such as keeping an eye on all of Josh’s activities on social media.

There’s also a heartwarming message, where they ask fans to send lots of love towards Nayeon so that she can remain strong through this whole situation.

There’s more in the full video below!