Here’s A Look At How (Kinda) Fair AB6IX’s Line Distribution Is Over 13 Of Their Songs

Their lines aren’t TOO uneven.

AB6IX debuted in May 2019, so they’ve been together for a little over a year now. In that time, they’ve released 3 singles from 2 mini-albums and one full-length album, so they have a pretty decent discography in their short time together! Overall, the members have a relatively even line distribution, though it’s not quite as fair as it could be. Unfortunately, they went from five members to four after Youngmin left the group, and the impact it had on the members’ lines is evident in the graphs below. Each graph shows the percentage of lines each member has in the respective song, and the final graph shows their line percentages total over all 13 hits. Do you think that their lines were fairly distributed?

1. “Shining Stars”

2. “Breathe”

3. “Dance for Two”

4. “Hollywood”

5. “Be There”

6. “Blind for Love”

7. “Love Air”

8. “Deep Inside”

9. “Red Up”

10. “Vivid”

11. “The Answer”

12. “Surreal”

13. “Hold Tight”