Here’s What The X1 Members Have Been Up To Since Their Disbandment

They’ve all been very active.

X1, unfortunately, disbanded in January due to the Produce scandal.

Most of the members went their separate ways and are embarking on a new journey. Here’s an update on what each member has been doing since X1’s disbandment

1. Han Seungwoo

Seungwoo ended up returning to his old group, VICTON. Seungwoo also joined them in their latest comeback, Howling.

2. Cho Seungyoun

Seungyoun hasn’t released any music after X1’s disbandment, but he did upload a dance practice video.

He’s also very active on social media, where he’s seen constantly interacting with fans.

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Seungyoun also did a photoshoot for 1’st Look.

3. Kim Wooseok

One of the things that Wooseok ended up doing was becoming a model for CLIO.

Wooseok will also be the male lead in a web drama. It’s also reported that Wooseok will be releasing some solo music sometime in 2020. It’s currently unknown if he will return to his old group, UP10TION.

4. Kim Yohan

Yohan has been very active, where he’s done a photoshoot with Star1.

Yohan will also be the male lead in the drama, School 2020. However, due to some controversies, the drama airing is unclear at this point. It’s currently unknown on what direction Yohan will be taking musically.

5. Lee Hangyul & Nam Dohyon


Hangyul and Dohyon are in the same agency, so they’re still together after X1 disbanded. The two are now a duo called H&D and will be making their official debut on April 21’st, 2020.

6. Cha Junho

Junho has also been doing photoshoots, as he’s done one with Singles.

It’s heavily implied that he will eventually be debuting in a group with the members of W Project 4. W Project 4 is a project group comprised of Woollim Entertainment trainees, many of which have participated in Produce X 101.

7. Son Dongypo

Dongpyo has also done a photoshoot, where he posed for Singles.

He’s also been active doing live broadcasts, where he enjoys chatting with fans. It’s currently unknown if DSP Media will be forming a new group.

8. Kang Minhee & Song Hyeongjun


Minhee and Hyeongjun are under the same company, so they will be debuting in the same group. The two will be debuting in CRAVITY, which is comprised of many members who participated in Produce X 101.

9. Lee Eunsang

Eunsang also did a photoshoot like a lot of the other members, where he posed for The Star.

Eunsang has also performed a choreography of “Señorita”.

It’s heavily implied that he’ll be debuting in a group with the other Brand New Music trainees that participated in Produce X 101.