From 2017 To 2023: Here’s Every Sexy Show-Stealing Outfit HyunA’s Worn For “WATERBOMB”

HyunA brings the heat to the summer festival stage πŸ”₯

Soloist HyunA is known for her progressive fashion, and she’s not shy about trying new trends and unique styles to express herself.

HyunA | @hyunah_a/Instagram

As with most experimental styles, HyunA’s outfits have had their fair share of mixed reactions over the years, but she never fails to steal the show with her bold fashion and carefree attitude.

HyunA is a crowd favorite at music festivals. Her confidence, catchy songs, sexy fashion, and ability to work the crowd make her a force on stage, and she always keeps fans on their toes.

HyunA went viral after dancing in her bra during her 2018 “Midnight Picnic Festival” performance.

South Korea’s favorite WATERBOMB festival is on its first world tour and just kicked off a two-day show in Bangkok, Thailand.

The headlining acts included popular Korean artists such as Zico, CL, GOT7‘s BamBam and Yugyeom, Sunmi, Simon Dominic, and more.

HyunA’s outfit during the day 2 WATERBOMB show in Bangkok received mixed reactions, but this isn’t the first time HyunA has rocked the popular water-themed music festival.

HyunA at “WATERBOMB” in Bangkok, Thailand on April 14, 2023. | @waterbomb_bangkok_official/Instagram

Check out all of HyunA’s past WATERBOMB outfits below!

2017 – Seoul

HyunA’s WATERBOMB debut was during the 2017 festival in Seoul. The talented soloist stunned with a simple cropped white tank top and cut-off jean shorts for the ultimate hot girl-next-door look.

HyunA at “2017 WATERBOMB” in Seoul

2019 – Gwangju

HyunA switched up her look during her Gwangju WATERBOMB appearance in 2019, wearing a sheer lace-detail top and pants.

HyunA at “2019 WATERBOMB” in Gwangju

2019 – Daegu

HyunA headlined three WATERBOMB festivals in 2019, including a show in Daegu. For the Daegu show, HyunA again opted for a sexy and casual girl-next-door look wearing a beanie, cropped white t-shirt, and cut-off denim shorts.

HyunA at “2019 WATERBOMB” in Daegu | @2laddo/Twitter
| @2laddo/Twitter
| @2laddo/Twitter

2019 – Seoul

For her appearance at Seoul’s WATERBOMB festival in 2019, HyunA opted for a coordinated two-piece outfit that teased “Angel Face, Devil Thoughts” on the cropped top.

The sexy look drove the crowd wild as HyunA performed her best summer hits.

HyunA at “2019 WATERBOMB” in Seoul

2022 – Incheon

WATERBOMB returned in 2022 after a two-year break due to the pandemic. WATERBOMB‘s favorite artists were back and better than ever with their sexy summer fashion.

In 2022, HyunA wore a sassy graphic t-shirt that displayed two middle fingers up and the iconic text “f**k off” with a snarled lip below it. She paired the cropped top with denim jeans, fishnet stockings, and cowboy boots.

HyunA at “2022 WATERBOMB” in Incheon | @roadtohyuna/Twitter
| @roadtohyuna/Twitter
| jungbunkim/Twitter

2023 – Bangkok

HyunA wore a daring two-piece outfit during her latest WATERBOMB appearance in Thailand, drawing mixed reactions to the skin-baring look.

She wore a crochet flower hat, a lacy crop top, and matching hot pants. HyunA was cool and confident in her outfit and became the main event as soon as she stepped on stage.

HyunA at “2023 WATERBOMB” in Thailand.
| @plugfine/Twitter
| @tong_love_in_amist/Twitter

HyunA knows how to be the main event, and her WATERBOMB fashion over the years has been iconic.

WATERBOMB continues its world tour in June, and while the line-up has yet to be announced, the outfits are sure to be legendary.

Check out netizen reactions to HyunA’s 2023 WATERBOMB look in the article below!

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