7 Amazing Things ITZY Accomplished In Their Very First Month Together

They’ve accomplished a lot:

It’s been exactly one month since ITZY made their debut and in a single month’s worth of time, they have accomplished a lot of very impressive feats. From breaking records to music show wins, here are some of the very amazing and outstanding things ITZY has accomplished in the span of a single month.


1. They broke the record for most views on a debut music video in the first 12 hours

Within the first 12 hours of releasing “Dalla Dalla”, their music video had surpassed 5 million views and closed in on 10 million views! This broke the previous record set by IZ*ONE!


2. As well as breaking the record for most views in the first 24 hours

On top of their already impressive first 12 hours, by the end of the first 24 hours, “Dalla Dalla” had reached over 14 million views which meant they had broken the previous record for most views in the first 24 hours at the time.


3. They debuted at no. 3 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart

ITZY came in hot and their hit song “Dalla Dalla” entered Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart at no. 3. It also sold 2,000 downloads in the US alone it’s very first week. On top of that, ITZY also came in at no. 2 on YouTube’s rank of most popular songs!


4. They became the fastest girl group to win a #1 music show trophy

Just 9 days after their official debut, ITZY took home their very first music show trophy on Mnet‘s M! Countdown. This incredibly fast win meant they beat out the previous record of 10 days set by IZ*ONE for fastest music show win by a girl group.


5. They broke a record that was 22-years-old 23 days after debut

ITZY continued to take home trophies on different music shows and on March 7th, they took home their 5th music show win. This win was very special as it not only meant ITZY now held the title for most wins for a girl group’s debut song, but it also meant they broke a 22-year-old record for the feat!


6. ITZY became the first girl group to ever take home a triple crown on Inkigayo at debut

At the end of their debut promotions, ITZY took home their 8th trophy for a music show and became triple crown winners on Inkigayo. This was the first time a girl group had ever accomplished such a feat at debut on the show!


7. They also became the fastest K-Pop girl group to achieve a triple crown on a music show

Their triple crown win on Inkigayo was accomplished in an amazing 26 days. Their quick crown beat out the previous 86 day triple crown record held by 2NE1 making them the fastest K-Pop girl group to achieve a triple crown on a music show.