Here Are 10+ Of ITZY’s Craziest And Most Dangerous Choreography Moves That Will Leave You Shook

If done incorrectly, #4 can go terribly wrong.

Despite having some of the most strenuous and difficult choreography, ITZY is often praised for their incredible dancing skills. Check out these 10+ dance moves that will leave you in awe when you see what they’re capable of performing!

1. This combo that most of us couldn’t do once

Instantly dropping to the floor, whipping your head, and shifting to the other leg all in under a second — Think you can handle it?

2. This death trap for unflexible people

If you can whip your head four times like this without getting dizzy, you’re a true professional.

3. The “neck breaker”

Not only is it near impossible to do this while looking as cool as ITZY, you’re also a centimeter away from getting a serious neck cramp.


4. This move that will seriously hurt your spine if done incorrectly

Honestly, do they even have spines?

5. Falling to your knees at the drop of a hat

No knee pads here — Just your leg and the hard stage floor.

6. This backbend and hair flip

They still manage to stay perfectly in-sync with their members.

7. The “shoulder dance”

It seems easier than their other moves…until you try to move your shoulders that fast.

8. This hip-shaking move

Not a single member falls out of beat.

9. Whipping, but make it ITZY style

We’re still convinced their bones are made of jelly.

10. When they dance in a line

It’s vital that every member goes to their exact spot.

11. The “conga line”

There’s so much going on at this part, but they nail everything.

12. This move from “Not Shy”

Try this for a day and see how much your leg hurts tomorrow.

13. Basically, everything ITZY does is flawless.

No wonder they’re known for their incredible dance skills!

Source: TheQoo


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