How ITZY’s Stage Outfit Styles Evolved Through The Years

Spoiler alert: they’re always fashionable!

ITZY made a successful debut in 2019 under JYP Entertainment. Just two years later, they’ve had multiple comebacks that prove they can wear any outfit and make them look good.

Check out their style evolution below!


First up, ITZY burst into the music scene with their hit song “DALLA DALLA.” They immediately showed just high-fashion they can be with their stage attire. Leather pants and skirts, sparkling tops, and high knee boots screamed “trendy.”

At the same time, they showed off their youthful sides in school-inspired and bright outfits.

| SBS Inkigayo

2. “ICY”

ITZY’s first comeback as a group was with their title song “ICY.” They were as charismatic as ever with their confident lyrics, makeup, and outfits!

Unlike “DALLA DALLA,” they often wore brighter, more cool-toned clothing that gave them a refreshing aura.

3. “Wannabe”

“Wannabe” was the group’s first comeback in 2020. They proved they were icons of the girl crush concept with their leather pants, cropped shirts, and string-laced tops.

| ITZY/YouTube

They also had on fur coats, plaid skirts and yellow-toned dresses in other sets of stage costumes which gave them pops of color.

| ITZY/YouTube

In their MCountdown performance, they brought out their sporty sides with track pants and sweaters with a twist! Ryujin wore a mesh top while Chaeryoung‘s bottoms had more creases than anyone else on stage.

Cool and different—that’s ITZY!

4. “Not Shy”

When ITZY returned to the music scene five months later, they had on more experimental clothing that included different prints, cuts, and accessories including chains and harnesses.

Ryujin’s animal-print biker shorts alone truly proved that they can make anything look good!

| JYP Entertainment

5. “MIDZY”

In contrast, their digital release “MIDZY” showed a softer and more feminine side to the girls that fans did not get to see in their previous releases.

| ITZY/YouTube

They looked like angels in all-white pantsuits!

| ITZY/YouTube

6. “In the morning”

Last but certainly not the least, ITZY recently made a comeback with “In the morning” (also known as “Mafia”). They were more charismatic than ever in their dark clothing.


Their maturity shone with their take on professional suits and ties. Of course, they jazzed them up with harnesses, chains, and boots.


From youthful to mature, ITZY’s comeback style has certainly evolved! One thing’s for sure, every era was gorgeous on their own.