10 Times IU’s Stylist Understood The Assignment

She always looks amazing.

With the recent influx of complaints towards stylists, it is amazing how one stylist has never received criticism throughout their entire career with this one artist. IU‘s stylist in particular, has always been praised for their high understanding of their artist in terms of style, body type and image. Here are 10 times that they made IU shine brighter than she already does!

1. Snow white

For an emotional ballad, they dressed her in all white. The fluffy texture made her look even more angelic.

2. Blue and white

The perfect color combination that is flattering on just about anyone.

3. Weather appropriate

Unlike when stylists often leave their artists to freeze in the cold for the sake of fashion, IU is always dressed warmly.

4. Pink princess

While pink is not IU’s favorite color, we can’t deny that she suits it so well.

5. Garden party

This is one of our favorite looks for IU, down to the hair and makeup.

6. Sentimental

The slightly peach-brown color of the dress lends it a retro feel


7. Fresh-faced beauty

Her youth and delicateness is highlighted by the adorable chiffon bow top.

8. Goddess

One of her most iconic looks to date, the custom-made ball gown brought out her innocent charm.

9. Elegant

We love how the mint-blue of the underdress is toned down by the white overlayer to become the perfect ice blue.

10. She’s perfect

IU has it all! She stunned with this texture pink ball gown and her bangs let down.

We’d love to be in IU’s shoes for a day, just for the pretty!

Source: theqoo