IU Released One Teaser Photo And Fans Are Going Crazy With The Incredible Edits

She’s a literal Disney princess!

Solo artist IU released a teaser photo for her upcoming album just a day ago and fans have been going crazy.

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The multi-talented IU released this beautiful photo, teasing her fans with the release date of her upcoming album titled, Celebrity. While many have been filled with excitement with this news, IU’s fans have edited this photo into many famous Disney princesses and well, let’s just say that she looks gorgeous in every single one. Let’s take a look!

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1. Beauty and the Beast

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We have Beauty and the Beast for the first edit and IU looks absolutely stunning in the yellow! IU’s fans edited her dress into the iconic yellow gown that Belle wears in the movie and she looks absolutely stunning. To complete the look, they paired it with a sparkly gold necklace and a matching headband. Whoever decided to do this, we commend you.

2. Frozen

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Next up we have the cult favorite movie, Frozen. The overall icy blue theme is digested well by IU in the photo. The colors all mesh together due to the similar blue hues but in the midst of it all, her beauty absolutely radiates. Who would’ve thought that we’d see the “Palette” singer as our favorite icy princess? We love the subtle hair and eye color change.

3. Snow White

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Here we have, yet another Disney classic. Snow White wouldn’t be Snow White without the red headband and IU pulls it off effortlessly. It is crazy to think that these are just fan edits because she looks so good in this outfit! We are loving the pale yellow hue of the doors paired with the pale blue dress. The red headband truly pops, nailing this look out of the park.

4. Aladdin

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We have Princess Jasmine for our last one on this list and again, are we even surprised at this point? Whoever edited these photos knew exactly how to make the solo artist look good. IU encompasses the look of Jasmine so well in this photo that we hope that maybe one day, we’ll get to see her as a real life Jasmine. Maybe for Halloween perhaps?

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We know that these pictures are only edits, but IU manages to look good in all of them! These photos are getting us more excited about her upcoming album, that will be available on January 27, 2021. This will be her first album release in almost 4 years since Palette, which was released back in 2017.

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In the meanwhile, you can check out the rest of IU’s Disney edits here!

Source: theqoo