Here Are 15+ Photos Of IZ*ONE Wonyoung’s Insane Proportions That Will Make You Realize How Tall She Actually Is

Her legs are longer than my attention span.

IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung has the proportions of a doll. She’s allllll legs and is a head above any crowd she enters. Here are 15+ moments when you can tell how seriously leggy she is!

1. She towers over her members!

2. Notice how high her waist is.

3. Her legs make up the majority of her height.

4. At only 15 years old, she has model proportions.

5. And a model walk!

6. She sticks out amongst the others.

7. Being this close to her in real life, you can really feel how tall she is!

8. She’s a head above the crowd at such a young age.

9. Her legs are as hypnotizing as they are beautiful.

10. How long does it take to scroll from her head to her toes?

11. Representing all the tall girls.

12. Even on her own, she’s got the proportions of a doll.

13. Her visuals are adorable, as well.

14. She was born to be an idol.

15. Even tall boots can’t swallow her legs up.

16. Such elegance and beauty.

17. She looks amazing in any outfit!

18. She’s a total queen.

Check out more pics of her epic proportions below!

Meet The 15-Year-Old Female Idol With Ridiculously Long Legs


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