5 Of Jessi’s Most Controversial Outfits Of All Time

Jessi is always pushing the boundary, as she should. 👑

When it comes to K-Pop idols who have always had their own style, Jessi has always been praised for not being afraid to show off her body exactly how she wants to. Over the years there have been many times her outfits have been controversial enough to make headlines.


Here are a few of her most controversial outfits of all time!

1. Down Music Performance Video

When Jessi initially released her music video for “Down” netizens were at first tentatively accepting of the sexy looks she wore throughout the music video.

The outfit she wore during the Dingo live performance of the song was a different story. The outfit, a basketball-inspired one-piece with fishnet shorts, showed off a lot more skin, especially during certain portions of the choreography.

Netizens had a lot to say regarding the performance, specifically about how appropriate it was for public broadcast.

  • “I like sexy concepts but this is not really good. The choreography Hyorin went for was sexy but also really cool but this is just like ‘hey, look at my booty!!’ so it’s just meh…”
  • “I can’t tell if she’s wearing a swimsuit or lingerie…it’s not cool or enjoyable…it’s sad…it looks like a Nicki Minaj parody…”
  • “It looks more cheap than sexy…and maybe because they’re so many similar concepts nowadays the song just doesn’t stand out.”

 2. Airport Shorts

Jessi was just one of a few female idols that made headlines for the daring underwear fashion” she wore to the airport in 2019. The outfit she wore was a large white tee shirt with what appeared to be a pair of underwear as her bottoms.

Jessi took to Instagram live to assure people that she was not wearing underwear but instead had on legging shorts.

3. Water Bomb 2018

While Jessi’s various Waterbomb Festival looks have made headlines over the years, her outfit in 2018 might take the cake for the sexiest she’s worn yet. Her outfit of what appeared to be a matching thong-style bikini and mesh dress attracted attention from around the world.

Some netizens found her outfit to be “too sexy” but many supported her look for the water-based festival.

4. Underboob at London Milk Festival

When Jessi joined the underboob trend at the London Milk Festival, she set the internet on fire. Despite not being the first to rock the look, Jessi is one of the most memorable because of the rest of her outfit as well!


Not all netizens are a fan of the underboob look, but Jessi is not one to care what other people think, even if they are the head of her company!

5. All I Need Showcase

Another outfit of Jessi’s that received mixed reactions was the one that she wore for her “All I Need” single-release showcase. The revealing outfit consisted of a one-piece swimsuit, thigh-high boots, and a coat.

Netizens complained that the look was too sexy, though she only exposed her upper legs.  Others called the look “cheap” because of the bathing suit aspect.

Jessi may cause controversy with many of her outfits, but she’s a bad *ss who answers to no one but herself!


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