7 Things BTS Jungkook’s Facial Features Say About His Personality

Can you judge a book by its cover?

Australian “people reader” Alan Stevens believes that a person’s facial features can say a lot about their true personality. Here’s what BTS Jungkook‘s face says about him, based on Stevens’ criteria.

1. Confidence

It’s all about the width to length ratio. Narrower-faced people (less than 60% as wide as they are long) are usually more cautious than their wider-faced counterparts. People with wider faces (70%+ as wide) tend to have higher levels of confidence.


Jungkook’s facial proportions indicate high confidence, which isn’t surprising. The Golden Maknae has plenty of skills (and his handsome looks) to be highly confident about.

2. Friendliness

A person’s friendliness is indicated by the distance between the top of the eye to the eyebrow compared to the height of the eye. People with higher brows tend usually like their personal space more than those with lower set brows.

Given that Jungkook is a mix of two introverted MBTI types (ISFP and INTP), it’s no surprise that he cherishes personal space. Alone time gives introverts time to recharge their social batteries.

3. Tolerance

Do you have wider-set eyes? If so, you might be someone who tolerates errors. Those with eyes set closer together are less likely to be patient in this area.

Over the years, Jungkook has proven to be a highly tolerant, easygoing person who does his best to understand others, and their reasoning, before making judgments.

4. Sense of Humor

Is humor found in your “funny bone”? Not according to Stevens. People with longer philtrums have a sarcastic, dry sense of humor, while people with shorter philtrums are more serious.

The length of Jungkook’s philtrum falls somewhere in the middle, indicating a blend of the aforementioned traits.

5. Generosity

Want to know how generous a person is? According to Stevens, it’s all about the lips. People with full upper lips are more generous with words and actions, while people with thinner upper lips are quieter and more concise.

Jungkook’s upper lip is on the thinner side, putting him in the latter category.

6. Worldview

People with thin eyelid folds or no eyelid folds are categorized as “decisive” and “action-driven” people, while people with thicker eyelid folds are “analytical.”  According to this, Jungkook is more action-driven than analytical.

7. Magnetism

Charisma correlates to the color and depth of the eyes. People with “deeper-coloured eyes” like Jungkook possess high levels of personal magnetism. (Tell us something we don’t know, Stevens!)

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Source: Business Insider

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