Just 10+ GIFs of BTS’s RM And Jimin In That “Big Doggo, Smol Kitten” Moment

Who could say no to this?

BTS‘s RM and Jimin are also known as the beloved “MiniMoni” subunit — and they share a special bond that cannot be broken. While RM tends to remind the fans of a big-but-gentle dog, like a golden retriever, Jimin often reminds them of a teeny-tiny kitten. And together, these two boast that irresistible, UWU-worthy “Big Doggo & Smol Kitten” chemistry. Here are 10+ GIFs of MiniMoni caught in the act of being big fluff and little fluff.

1. The Mighty Meow


2. The Pat


3. The Squish


4. The All-Up-In-Your-Face


5. The Hug


6. The Scene Stealer


7. The Doggy Back Ride

8. The Master


9. The Knead


10. The Attention Seeking


11. The Chase


12. The UWU


13. The Fist Fight


Source: THEQOO and Twitter