Just 13 Photos Of Kang Daniel In A Tuxedo At The 2020 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards To Make You Swoon

My heart was not ready for this!

On June 8, Kang Daniel was recognized for his power and influence at the 2020 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards where he was named the most influential male solo artist.

In addition to his power and influence as a solo artist, Kang Daniel also displayed his visual power too! While Kang Daniel is always a visual powerhouse, dressed in a full tuxedo complete with black bow tie at the event he had everyone feeling more than a little attacked with his pure princely visuals.

Without further ado, here are 13 stunning pictures of Kang Daniel from the awards with his heart-fluttering good looks and sweet charms on full display. Be warned, however, these pics are guaranteed to make you fall even harder for Kang Daniel!

1. A heart-fluttering entrance

2. Just Kang Daniel turning the stage into his own personal runway

3. From the minute he arrived, he had everyone swooning with his visuals…

4. Charms…

5. And sweetness!

6. Only Kang Daniel can be chic and cute at the same time!

7. Kang Daniel is a master of warming hearts…

8. And stealing them too!

9. This thief, however, can steal our hearts at any time!

10. Chic, cool, classy

11. In other words…

12. A visual powerhouse!

13. The one and only Kang Daniel!

Kang Daniel