K-Pop Backup Dancer Controversies That Enraged The Internet

“It wasn’t a mistake…”

K-Pop idols are incredibly talented dancers, but some of their most legendary performances would not have been possible without the dancers who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Unfortunately, some dancers have found themselves in hot water.

1. ENHYPEN’s “Bite Me” dancers

Earlier this year, ENHYPEN’s agency faced backlash from some domestic fans for ENHYPEN’s “Bite” Me” choreography. The sensual, vampire-inspired dancing between ENHYPEN and the female dancers caused a stir.

Sunghoon with a “Bite Me” dance partner.

Protest trucks were sent to the agency to protest the dance and to call for the removal of the choreography.

| theqoo

Belift Lab who made a fool out of the waiting fans. The company that deters the future of the artist. The company that doesn’t have any will to grow. The label under HYBE that has the least power.

— Truck

These protest trucks did not, however, reflect all ENGENEs’ feelings.

2. BTS Jimin’s “Like Crazy” Backup Dancer

A dancer who worked with BTS‘s Jimin during his U.S. promotions for FACE came under fire for sharing an allegedly racist edit.


The dancer in question, Julia Alaimo, danced with Jimin during his song “Like Crazy” in New York City on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Though ARMYs enjoyed Julia’s performance, some were not fans of this photo, which was edited to include wedding attire with a cake and rings.

Why? Some fans took issue with the shipping aspect of the edit, but others were not happy about the wedding cake. The wedding cake in the edited photo is the “Love, Honor, Cherish Cake” from Jacques Pastries, a Wedding Cake Bakery in New Hampshire. The cake contains chopsticks, a fan as the cake topper, and Chinese text.

Julia apologized for sharing the controversial edit in her story.

3. BLACKPINK’s “Creepy” Backup Dancers

During BLACKPINK’s 2023 BORN PINK World Tour, backup dancers became a hot topic for all the wrong reasons. BLINKs criticized some of the dancers’ “creepy” expressions and behavior by comparing and contrasting fancam clips.


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♬ origineel geluid – staykpopstan

Some fans criticized the dancers while others defended them, saying that their behavior and expressions were part of the performance.

| @staykpopstan/TikTok

4. WJSN Luda’s Groping Incident

An intimate dance at the WJSN (Cosmic Girls) Would You Stay – Secret Box concert horrified netizens. Fans accused a male backup dancer of touching Luda inappropriately during her “24 Hours” stage with Dawon.

Fans accused the dancer of intentionally touching Luda’s chest more than once during the performance.

Some netizens argued that the touching was part of the choreography, but others pointed out that the original choreography with Sunmi did not include this.

Furthermore, Dawon’s dance partner did not touch her the same way Luda’s dance partner touched Luda.

Luda’s dancer was later accused of making light of the controversy and, according to fans, bragged about it on social media.