K-Pop’s Best Disbanded Boy Groups, Ranked

Bring back these kings!

K-Pop fans have experienced many sudden and shocking disbandments. Some groups disbanded after inactivity, while others dissolved before their careers peaked. In a poll, fans were asked to vote for the best disbanded boy group that deserves a comeback. Here are the results.


ATEEN was a 10-member pre-debut boy group under DS&A Entertainment. Following their 2018 disbandment, the members filed (and won) a lawsuit against their agency for sexual harassment and mistreatment. ATEEN takes 5th place with 3% of the vote (70 votes).

| DS&A Entertainment


MBLAQ debuted in 2009 under J.Tune Camp, a subsidiary of J.Tune Entertainment, which was founded by first-generation solo artist Rain. While MBLAQ has not officially disbanded, J.Tune Camp has dissolved, and MBLAQ has not been active as a group since 2015. MBLAQ took 4% of the vote (97 votes).

3. B.A.P

When fans think of boy groups that deserved better, B.A.P often comes to mind. B.A.P debuted in 2012 under TS Entertainment and disbanded in 2019. The group experienced popularity and success as rookies but also mismanagement, unfair profit distribution, and harsh working conditions behind the scenes. B.A.P launched a lawsuit against TS Entertainment that ended in a settlement in 2015. With 19% of the vote (429 votes) B.A.P takes third place.

| TS Entertainment

2. X1

X1 was a boy group formed by CJ ENM through the K-Pop survival show Produce X 101. The group debuted in 2019 and was originally contracted for five years. However, the investigation into Mnet‘s voting manipulation led to X1 halting activities. After unsuccessful contract negotiations, X1 disbanded in 2020. With 29% of the vote (672 votes), X1 takes the #2 spot.



Fans were devastated when NU’EST disbanded in 2022. The group debuted in 2012 under Pledis Entertainment and went on to experience years of success and popularity. Rather than continuing on as a group, NU’EST’s members decided to pursue individual projects. With 34% of the vote (779 votes), NU’EST takes the top spot.

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