Try Not To Laugh At These 20 Chaotic K-Pop Moments Caught On Camera

#10 is hilarious. 😂

Check out 20 of the funniest K-Pop moments that are so ridiculous, you’ll find yourself wheezing by the end!

1. Warning: Don’t eat the confetti.

2. This is how it feels getting into a new group with a ton of members.

3. Dahyun is always a mood.

4. When reality hits:

5. You wish your chemistry was this good.

6. Maybe he was thirsty.

7. When everything hurts, but food is life.

8. It was a perfect 90-degree angle…pretty much.

9. This is how it feels when you expect the worst but receive the best.

10. “What are your skills?” Me:

11. When the food is too hot, Minhyuk becomes rabbid.

12. “Come here, you.”

13. We have witnessed a miracle caught on camera.

14. Joy was living her best life, until…

15. I don’t want to know, either.

16. How I look doing my favorite group’s choreography:

17. “Guys, did you see that?!”

18. There is so much going on.

19. “Me? ME?! Oh my god, ME?!”

20. Relatable.

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