5 K-Pop Idol Friendships That Had Interesting Beginnings

Number 3 had an awkward first meeting!

There are plenty of heartwarming friendships in K-Pop, and some of them started a bit interestingly. Here are 5 K-Pop idol friendships that had interesting beginnings.

1. BLACKPINK’s Rosé & former Ladies’ Code member Ashley Choi

BLACKPINK’s Rosé (Left) & former Ladies’ Code member Ashley Choi (Right) | @ashleybchoi/Instagram

During an episode of Eric Nam‘s K-Pop Daebak podcast, former Ladies’ Code member Ashley Choi revealed her interesting first meeting with BLACKPINK’s Rosé. She shared that they first met at church.

We happened to sit next to each other by chance. And there was a time before the sermon when the pastor [said], ‘Oh, it’s a time for fellowship. Talk to the person next to you.’

— Ashley Choi

The two then began speaking to each other but originally lied to each other about the reason why they came to Korea.

So we started talking and, of course, at first, she lied to me. She was like, ‘Oh, I’m here studying guitar from Australia.’ And me too. I didn’t think she would know who I was, so I [said], ‘Oh, I’m just here teaching English.’

— Ashley Choi

The two hit it off immediately and decided to go out to eat after church service.

But then we hit it off and our conversation flowed very smoothly. So after church service, we [asked], ‘Hey, you want to go get jajangmyeon?’

— Ashley Choi

Rosé and Ashley Choi soon came clean about their identities, and they formed a close friendship.

And for me, meeting her at that time was really big, and it was a huge support because I didn’t have anyone to talk to about stuff like that.

— Ashley Choi

2. BTS’s V & BTOB’s Sungjae

BTS’s V (Left) & BTOB’s Sungjae (Right)

BTS’s V and BTOB’s Sungjae first met in the restroom of a music show. Sungjae saw V and asked him, “Are you a 95-liner? Want to be friends?

BTOB’s Sungjae (Left) & BTS’s V (Right)

Sungjae and V soon formed a friendship, and V was able to grow his confidence thanks to Sungjae.

Thanks to him, my confidence grew and I was able to make more friends.

— V

3. SEVENTEEN’s The8 & Jun

SEVENTEEN’s Jun (Left) & The8 (Right)

When SEVENTEEN’s The8 came to Korea to begin his life as a trainee, he had an interesting first meeting with Jun. When they met, The8 was wearing a cap that partially hid his face. Jun saw The8 and believed that he was one of his childhood friends. However, The8 isn’t even from the same province as Jun and had no idea who he was. In their first conversation, Jun joked around with The8 since he believed that he was his childhood friend.

Weren’t you bad in singing and dancing? Why’d you come?

— Jun

SEVENTEEN’s Jun (Left) & The8 (Right)

The8 told Jun that he had always been good at dancing. Jun then started telling The8 that he had “changed” quite a bit.

Oh, have you always been stylish like this? It’s cool! You’ve changed! You weren’t this uptight before … You didn’t have earrings before either.

— Jun

SEVENTEEN’s The8 (Left) & Jun (Right)

This continued until Jun pulled off The8’s cap. When Jun realized that The8 wasn’t his childhood friend, he was embarrassed and couldn’t speak with The8 for a week!

Because of this, I couldn’t talk to him for a week because it was too awkward.

— Jun

4. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul & Solar

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul (Left) & Solar (Right)

MAMAMOO’s Solar and Moonbyul originally didn’t like each other when they first met! When they were trainees, they were told to bring heels, but Moonbyul didn’t bring a pair of heels with her. Someone then asked if anyone had a pair of heels that Moonbyul could borrow, and Solar let Moonbyul borrow her heels. However, Solar was a bit surprised when Moonbyul started using informal language towards her.


That same day, Solar also unexpectedly hugged Moonbyul, which Moonbyul wasn’t a fan of.

When taking a picture, a staff member ordered us to ‘act like good friends.’ She hugged me from behind and I thought, ‘What is she doing?’

— Moonbyul

However, the two eventually settled their differences when Moonbyul told Solar, “I thought you were younger than me because you look so young.”

5. BTS’s J-Hope & Suga

BTS’s J-Hope (Left) & Suga (Right)

During BTS’s appearance on MBC‘s C-Radio Idol True Colors, J-Hope revealed that he had an interesting first meeting with Suga. When J-Hope became a trainee and went to their dorm, he saw Suga walking around with nothing but his underwear!


It turns out that Suga had just come out of the shower when J-Hope entered their dorm. At the time, J-Hope had a fantasy about what trainees would look like, and this got “crushed” when he saw Suga in his underwear.


However, it seems that Suga influenced J-Hope, as J-Hope was wearing just his underwear when he first met Jin!