5 K-Pop Idols Who Broke Down While Making Emotional Confessions This Year

Number 2 has suffered from a young age due to malicious netizens.

This year has been full of K-Pop idols making confessions, and some idols couldn’t help but cry when making some confessions. Here’s a list of 5 K-Pop idols who broke down while making emotional confessions this year.

1. Sandara Park (Former member of 2NE1)

During an episode of Video Star, Sandara Park opened up about some of the most difficult moments in her life. She began tearing up once she started speaking about 2NE1’s disbandment and how she suffered great anxiety, wondering about her future.

When we disbanded and I had to stand on my own, I suffered great anxiety wondering what I can do by myself.

It was the most difficult time for me.

— Sandara Park

Sandara Park then shared that she often thought of herself as the “useless” member of 2NE1 and even tricked herself into thinking that she wasn’t a valuable member.

When we were together, I thought that I was useless to the group because each of my members had such a strong talent.

I thought that if I sang more, it was just detrimental to our team. I couldn’t enjoy it.

— Sandara Park

Once 2NE1 disbanded, Sandara Park started having even more negative thoughts, and her self-confidence dropped a lot. Also, a lot of people around her stopped contacting her.

After we disbanded, I wondered what I should do now. For about 2~3 years I had very negative thoughts and my self-confidence dropped a lot.

People who used to contact me all the time stopped contacting me at all. I lived those 2 years in darkness.

— Sandara Park

However, Sandara Park came out of this dark time, realizing who her true friends were.

But it was good in the end. I realized that the few people I had left next to me were the ones who were truly my friends.

So I’m happy these days.

— Sandara Park

Once Sandara Park began attending activities and promotions by herself, she started to realize that she wasn’t “useless”.

I don’t know when but I realized that since CL, who always energized me, wasn’t next to me, I had to pick myself up. I started going to fan signings and performances by myself, and I realized that I was able to enjoy it.

I feel regretful of the times that I lost when I wasn’t able to be realize [my usefulness].

— Sandara Park

2. Chaeryeong (ITZY)

Chaeryeong got revealed to the public long before her debut with ITZY, as she participated in multiple survival programs, such as K-Pop Star 3 and SIXTEEN.

Chaeryeong during K-Pop Star 3

However, Chaeryeong revealed this year that she had to deal with a lot of malicious netizens from a young age. Even when Chaeryeong was told that she would be debuting in ITZY, she didn’t feel much joy due to these malicious netizens.

I don’t know why, but after becoming the debut team which I had dreamed of for so long, I thought it all meant nothing if I was already being hated like this.

— Chaeryeong

| ITZY/YouTube

When Chaeryeong was talking about her hardships, she broke down in tears.

When I read through comments on the internet… when I come across ones that say, “Must be nice to be pretty”, I just get sad… I’m just the same… I just want to hug them. I feel sorry for myself too…

— Chaeryeong

| ITZY/YouTube

Thankfully, Chaeryeong is now trying her best to ignore these malicious netizens.

Now that I have fans who are rooting for me, if they knew that I’m being shaken by a few mean comments, I think that would make them sad too. So I tell myself not to get sad, time is too precious. I try to control the negative thoughts like that.

— Chaeryeong

3. Chungha

During an episode of Running Girls, Chungha teared up when she spoke about how she wanted to quit her music career in the past. However, Chungha was unable to do this since music is so important to her.

Whenever I thought about my health or whenever I thought that my situation was bad, I wanted to give up music. However, I couldn’t because the only thing that kept me going was my music and the only thing that let me go was music.

— Chungha

4. Jeongyeon (TWICE)

In an episode of TWICE: Seize the Light, Jeongyeon revealed that she was extremely close with her grandmother, as she had raised her until her second year of middle school.

I used to hold talent shows in front of my grandmother. I lived with my grandmother until I was in my second year of middle school. Both of my parents worked, so my grandmother raised me.

— Jeongyeon

| TWICE/YouTube 

Jeongyeon then began tearing up when she revealed that her grandmother passed away before she debuted.

So my grandmother really looked forward to seeing me debut, but she passed away before I did. I feel really sad because of that.

— Jeongyeon

| TWICE/YouTube 

5. Sera (Former member of Nine Muses)

In a clip from Miss Back, Sera revealed that she takes medication for depression and panic disorder. Also, Sera was shown getting up in the middle of the night to eat some food. However, Sera didn’t remember any of this.

This symptom is commonly known as somnambulism, which is caused by depression medication. Sera shed tears talking about how she wants to overcome this.

I’m a singer, too. So I really want to get better soon.

— Sera