K-Pop Idols Who Never Had A Dating Ban Placed On Them

Most of them were even encouraged to date!

Netizens and fans have lots of mixed opinions about K-Pop idols dating, as many believe that idols shouldn’t date for the sake of their fans. This is why a lot of companies restrict their idols from dating for a certain amount of time. However, there have been some idols who never had a dating ban placed on them. Here’s a list of a few of these idols.


MAMAMOO surprised many people when it was revealed that since their debut, they’ve never had a dating ban placed on them. However, Wheein shared that while they don’t have a dating ban, the members don’t have any time to date.

2. Baek Ah Yeon

While most artists at JYP Entertainment aren’t allowed to date for the first three years of their careers, Baek Ah Yeon didn’t have to deal with this. When she was under the company, she was encouraged to date to help with her songwriting.

The company encourages me to go outside, meet people, and date. They say it’s good to have experiences and emotions for singing and songwriting.

I want to date once I find a good person.

— Baek Ah Yeon 

3. Pledis Entertainment artists


In the past, NU’EST‘s Minhyun shared that Pledis Entertainment doesn’t restrict dating and rather encourages it.

The agency (Pledis Entertainment) doesn’t necessarily ban dating.

In fact, the agency recommends it so we can let our emotions flow. But there is simply no time. It would mean I have to cut down on sleep to make the time to go on dates. That’s not easy.

— Minhyun

4. Chanhyuk (AKMU)

While YG Entertainment usually restricts their idols from dating for a certain amount of time, Chanhyuk is someone who never had to deal with this.

There is no such as a dating ban for me. Yang Hyun Suk gave me total freedom to date, he doesn’t really pay attention to me that much. Yang Hyun Suk told me I could date if I want because I write music.

— Chanhyuk

5. 4Minute

When 4Minute was under Cube Entertainment, they surprised many people when they revealed that the company never placed a dating ban on them. The company even encouraged the members to date!

Here’s the full clip below!

Source: Insight