4 Times K-Pop Idols “Proposed” To Other Idols

Number 1 was quite savage!

While it’s quite common for fans to “propose” to K-Pop idols, there have been times where idols “proposed” to other idols! Here are 4 of these moments.

1. BTS RM’s savage reaction to Jimin’s “proposal”

At a fansign, BTS’s Jimin “proposed” to RM, and RM had quite a savage response!

BTS’s Jimin (Left) & RM (Right)

Jimin got on a knee and “proposed” to RM by holding up a flower.

RM responded by telling Jimin that he would need to talk to his mother first. Jimin laughed and put the flower down.

Something similar to this happened at another fansign as Jimin put a wedding veil on RM.

2. TWICE Sana and Momo’s playful “proposal”

The TWICE members can be playful, and Sana and Momo had a funny conversation during a live broadcast!

TWICE’s Momo (Left) & Sana (Right)

Momo had a toy ring on and jokingly said towards the camera, “Will you marry me?” Sana jokingly “accepted” Momo’s offer.

Momo then “friend-zoned” Sana, which led to Sana jokingly “scolding” Momo!

You said so yourself! You said that a long time ago, you don’t buy friendships with gifts.

— Sana

The two playfully “bickered” for a bit, and their conversation about the “proposal” ended when they started dancing!

3. SHINee Key’s simple reaction to Minho’s “proposal”

SHINee’s Key and Minho are always teasing each other, and their playful friendship was on display when Minho “proposed” to Key.

SHINee’s Minho (Left) & Key (Right)

Minho once got on his knee and held up flowers, “proposing” to Key, and Key just put his face in his arm!

| 2KYUUte/YouTube

Minho then threw the flowers after getting “rejected.”

| 2KYUUte/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!

4. BLACKPINK’s Lisa receiving an “answer” from Rosé

BLACKPINK’s Lisa once “proposed” to Rosé, and she got a “response!”

BLACKPINK’s Lisa (Left) & Rosé (Right)

In an Instagram post, Lisa was on her knee and “proposing” to Rosé, and in the caption, it read, “She said yes:).

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