5 Times K-Pop Idols Showed Love For The Philippines And Filipino Fans

Filipino fans always win! 🇵🇭

K-Pop’s influence is worldwide and one of the countries where it is most popular is the Philippines! Nearly all touring K-Pop artists and groups are sure to include the country as part of their world tours and always show love for their Pinoy fans!

Here are 5 times where K-Pop idols shared their love and appreciation for the Philippines and Filipino fans!


BLACKPINK love their fans in the Philippines!  In an interview with a telecommunications provider Globe, the group didn’t hesitate to talk about how great they think Pinoy fans are. When the interviewer mentioned that Filipinos are known for being “very, very hospitable,” the members all agreed.

The members all had various praise for fans in the country including Lisa mentioning how energetic fans were during their Manila concert and Rosé agreeing that there was a difference in liveliness between Korean and Filipino BLINKs! BLACKPINK will be returning to the Philippines on their BORN PINK world tour and probably can’t wait to experience the energy of fans again!

| Globe
| Globe


2. TREASURE’s Hyunsuk

When one of TREASURE‘s resident fashionistas, Hyunsuk, wore a shirt made in the Philippines, fans were quick to notice. The T-shirt featured a jeepney—the most popular form of local transportation—and the words “Philippines” and “Mabuhay.” The latter translates to “long live,” a way to welcome people in the country.

TREASURE’s Hyunsuk | @treasuremembers/Twitter
| Dibuho Handpainted Souvenirs/Facebook

Fans can always trust Hyunsuk to show appreciation and were thrilled to see him patronizing local products!

3. BTS’s V

BTS’s V made fans in the Philippines especially happy by saying a simple phrase during a short live stream. “Mahal ko kayo” means I love you in Filipino and Pinoy ARMY definitely felt the love. In fact, after he said this, fans trended “MAHAL KO KAYO“, “BTSV“, “and “Taehyung“!

V definitely loves using the phrase as he’s said it before in a previous live stream!


Even years after TWICE‘s TWICELIGHT concert in Manila, the group couldn’t help but look back on the experience fondly. In an interview with Shoppe, TWICE recalled how energetic and loud the fans were at their concert.

I can still remember that when we visited the Philippines, Filipino ONCE’s cheers were so loud. Even if we aren’t physically with them now, it is really great to meet you guys today.

— Jihyo

| Shopee Philippines/YouTube

When asked if they learned any phases during their time there, Momo immediately shouted, “Mahal kita,” which means I love you!

| Shopee Philippines/YouTube

5. 2NE1’s Sandara Park

As any BLACKJACK should know, Sandara Park grew up in the Phillippines. Since she learned English from the schools there, she revealed on an episode of Video Star that she has an accent and used to be very embarrassed by her Phillippine English.

Just to let you know, I don’t speak English in the native accent because I grew up in the Phillippines. The Phillippines has an accent. I used to be very embarrassed by my accent.

— Sandara Park

However, she quickly realized that there was nothing wrong with having an accent and that many people also thought that it was cool! She even declared that everyone should be proud of their accents especially those from the Philippines!