4 K-Pop Idols And Trainees Who Were Kicked Out Of JYP Entertainment

Here are their stories.

Recently, former Miss A opened up about her rocky road to debut under JYP Entertainment. Here is Min’s story, and the stories of three other trainees and idols who were removed from the company.

1. Min (Miss A)

During a chat with eSNA, former Miss A member Min revealed that she was kicked out of JYP Entertainment three times in ten years.


At age 12, Min joined the agency after placing first at an audition at Lotte World. For approximately eight years, she trained before debuting as a Miss A member. Min nearly lost her chance to shine when she was kicked out of JYP Entertainment for not losing weight.

I kind of got kicked out a lot at JYP because I was not losing weight. Yeah, they had a problem with my weight, so they were like, ‘We’re going to send you back to Korea to lose that weight.’

— Min

For a time, Min even gave up her dream of becoming an idol. After leaving JYP Entertainment, however, she asked J.Y. Park to give her another chance. He allowed her to come back and join the Miss A lineup after she lost weight.

| esnatheperson/Youtube

After that, I went to JYP again and said, ‘Give me one more chance.’ He was like, ‘I’m going to give you one more chance,’ and then I lost mad weight, I was like 45/6 kg. They were like they were preparing this group called Miss A, you would fit right in.

— Min

2. Yoon Seobin (Produce X 101)

JYP Entertainment terminated the contract of former trainee and Produce X 101 contestant Yoon Seobin, following a controversy. Yoon Seobin (real name Yoon Byung Hwi) was accused of being a school bully. He was also rumored to have participated in underaged smoking and drinking.

Yoon Seobin


This is JYP Entertainment.

We would like to relay our position about trainee Yoon Seobin.

JYP Entertainment has decided to terminate our trainee contract with Yoon Seobin, who was appearing on Mnet’s Produce X 101 as we believe he did not behave in line with company policy. As a result, we are also announcing he will leave the program.

— JYP Entertainment

In addition to being kicked of JYP Entertainment, Yoon Seobin was also edited out of future episodes of Produce X 101 by Mnet.

Yoon Seobin will drop out of Produce X 101. We plan on minimizing Yoon Seobin’s exposure on the episodes that have already been filmed so the other trainees who appeared together with him will not be put at a disadvantage.

— Mnet

3. KilliAN

KilliAN, a former trainee, revealed that he was kicked out of the agency after his homosexual relationship was discovered.

KilliAN | Mirror Media

After traveling to Korea to joining JYP Entertainment at age 14, the agency asked him to leave. “I’m gay,” he said, “but Koreans were very conservative about homosexuality at that time, so in the end, they asked me to leave because of it.” 

At the time, KilliAN was dating another male trainee. He believes his sexuality and the fact that he is not Korean both contributed to JYP Entertainment’s decision.

KilliAN | Mirror Media

4. Jay Park

In 2009, former 2PM leader Jay Park received major backlash from the Korean public for old MySpace comments that he wrote about the country in 2005. It was later revealed that the comments were poorly translated and taken out of context.

Jay Park | @Totoi8L/Twitter

When protesters initially demanded Jay Park’s removal, JYP Entertainment stated that Jay Park would be continuing on with the group. Shortly after this, Jay Park announced his departure on the official fancafe and returned to the USA.

Interviewer: Was [the MySpace controversy] what caused you to leave the group…?

Jay Park: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, there’s just a string of events that, you know, we [parted] ways…

— Jay Park 2018 interview with divlad

Although fans hoped Jay Park would return to 2PM, in 2010, JYP Entertainment announced that his contract had been terminated. The catalyst for this decision was not the MySpace controversy, but rather an undisclosed incident that took place in 2009. Jay Park went on to become a successful soloist and the founder of AOMG.

Jay Park (center) with AOMG artists | AOMG
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