5 K-Pop Performances That Were So Iconic They Went Viral

Some performances are so iconic they just can’t be forgotten.

K-Pop in itself is iconic, but there are performances that truly stand out in the history of the genre. In fact, the genre’s reach is so wide that there are K-Pop memes that went viral with non-K-Pop fans and, more recently, BTS‘s V gained attention internationally with non-fans trying to find out exactly who he was thanks to his stunning visuals!

Although there are many, many K-Pop performances that were iconic, we’ve assembled a list of five that really stand out.

1. Jo Kwon covering “Crazy in Love”

Back in 2017, singer Jo Kwon showed his love for Beyoncé by covering “Crazy In Love” and the Internet collectively lost its mind.

2. Taemin and Sunmi dancing to “Gashina”

2017 was a great year for epic performances. At tge 2017 MAMA in Hong Kong, Sunmi and Taemin put on this heart-stopping performance of “Gashina” that took everyone’s breath away. Their chemistry was truly off the charts!

3. Chungha’s freestyle performance on PRODUCE101

Everyone loves Chungha. She’s talented, funny, and her freestyle dance skills are on. point. So good, in fact, that people can’t believe it’s not choreographed. Talk about skills!

4. Sunmi, Seulgi, and Daehwi performing Heroine

This performance was from the 2018 KBS Song Festival, and it’s no wonder that it went viral with the talented forces behind it.

5. Taeyeon busking in Germany

You never expect to see one of Korea’s top idols busking on the streets of a foreign country, but that’s exactly what happened. Taeyeon, formerly of Girls’ Generation, was filmed busking on the streets of Germany for JTBC‘s Begin Again, and her voice was so powerful it moved people to tears.

Did your favorite iconic K-Pop performance make the list? If not, which one would you have included?