Here Are 4 Reasons You Should Stop Underestimating The Power Of K-Pop Stans In 2020

Bet you didn’t think of the worldwide impact that #2 has.

K-Pop stans in 2020 have power, dedication, and global influence that is impossible to ignore. Here are the reasons why you should stop underestimating their capabilities.

1. Their worldwide reach is unbelievable.

K-Pop stans are creating events daily based out of their love for artists, and some of these go beyond just bringing people together with a common joy.

BTS‘s J-Hope encouraged fans to make a donation on his birthday and ARMYs listened, donating to his hometown, Gwangju City’s Buk District.

[Fans] donated 128 bags of white rice (10kg) worth 330 million won to Buk-gu, Gwangju on the 14th. … The district promised to distribute to the unprivileged neighbors from the town.

– Naver

Yonhap News

Similarly, after BTS’ concert in Korea was cancelled due to widespread cases of the coronavirus in Korea, fans have come together to donate towards the cause of overcoming COVID-19 using their ticket refunds.

Fans have begun to take it upon themselves to create change in the world in the name of their love for their favorite artist. Raising over USD $1.4 million, BTS UNICEF ‘Love Myself’ Campaign urged fans to directly donate in hopes of ending violence against children.

When it comes to what K-Pop stans could channel their energy towards for the greater good, the possibilities are limitless.

2. Their cultural influence is molding the media.

The globalization of K-Pop spreads largely through social media where fans have the power to nominate artists for awards, conduct mass voting projects, and see their efforts be directly translated into results for their favorite artists.

MONSTA X at the Teen Choice Awards in 2019.

Because of K-Pop stans’ social media influence, three out of the five nominations for BBMA’s Top Social Artist in 2019 were K-Pop artists. They display much higher voting results than the average western artist.

In doing this, the Korean Wave (known as the influx of Korean pop culture such a music, products, and more) is rapidly being globalized in a way that was not possible simply through traditional media.

South Korean film PARASITE directed by Bong Joon-ho makes history at the Oscars.

3. Their dedication is unreal.

Though each individual fan has their own unique relationship with the genre, some K-Pop stans may lead incredibly dedicated lives and integrate their hobby as a huge part of their life.

Korea University’s International Summer Campus uses K-Pop groups in their welcoming video during orientation to excite students.

Devoting a sufficient amount of time, money, and effort, overtime fans can pay up to thousands of dollars for concert experiences, merchandise, and memberships. Similarly, a great deal of time is spent pursuing this hobby as well.

Some fans can even take their passion further by studying related fields in school, making a career out of it, or running fansites and/or fanbases which share news and pictures for fans alike.

4. They are not falling victim to a fad.

K-Pop stans, or fandoms in general, can be perceived with a negative connotation as young kids who act somewhat like cult-followers.

The reality is that due to the global reach and popularity of the Korean wave, K-Pop stans come in all shapes in sizes and have their own stories to tell of what the music brings to their life.

Many K-Pop stans develop a deep love for their favorite artists where they genuinely want to see them succeed and are happy for their accomplishments. Many fans also are able to meet new friends, bond with family members, and have unique life-enriching experiences that they wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity for.

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K-Pop stans not only lead unique and wholesome lives, they are a force to be reckoned with the power to change themselves, the media, and the world.



Source: Naver and Billboard