12 Moments Of LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae That Prove She Should Totally Win “Maknae Of The Year”

#4 really says it all. 🤣

LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae is everything fans hope a maknae can be. Also known as the youngest member of a K-Pop group, some of the best maknaes are known for being cute, bubbly, full of love, and even a little bit naughty! Check out some of her best moments below that would earn her the title of “Maknae Of The Year” — if it existed!

1. Doing her “Naruto run” with her arms behind her

If this doesn’t scream “baby,” then what does?!

2. Her reaction to wearing the same jacket as 10CM

Her adorable reaction was priceless!

3. Her eternal love for her unnies

Her answer to this emotional question proves it all.

4. The way she teases the older members

Sometimes, she can be the maknae on top!

5. Proving she’s the “giant baby” at the airport

She’s much taller than some of her unnies.

6. Being just a little bit evil

She couldn’t help but tease Kazuha.

7. Overflowing with aegyo while imitating the cutest cat expressions

This fansign interaction alone might earn her the title!

8. Doing her best to learn Japanese

She wants to make Sakura proud!

9. When she arrives to work sleepy in the morning

Her expressions in the morning are the cutest.

10. When she got upset during practice but her unnies cheered for her until she succeeded

It shows how much all the members truly love her.

11. When the members love to adorably tease her

They can’t resist!

12. When she cried after receiving the most thoughtful gift she always wanted

The tears were flowing on this special day!


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