Lee Kwang Soo, Park Bo Gum and MORE Have Arrived At Song Song Couple’s Wedding

Song Hye Kyo’s and Song Joong Ki’s is about to start and every possible guest is arriving and taking their seats!

The wedding is slated to begin around 4:00 PM.

The many guests who were captured arriving at the wedding range from top Korean actors, singers, idols and even Chinese stars!

Here are the guests who were captured, arriving at the Song Song couple’s big day! 

Park Bo Gum

SHINee – Minho

Kim Ji Won

Jo Sung Ha

Zhang Ziyi

Yoo Ah In

Super Junior – Donghae

Lee Kwang Soo

Kim Soo Ahn

Park Hyung Sik

Park Bo Young

EXO – Xiumin

So Ji Sub

Cha Tae Hyun

Kim Jong Kook

Kim Eun Suk

2PM – Junho

Stay tuned for more updates and catch up with everything about the Song Song couple’s wedding as more details are released!

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