Here Are 10 Very, Very Relatable Reactions To LOONA Vivi’s Heart-Stopping Comeback Concept Teaser

So, so relatable!

Since revealing the amazing news about their upcoming October comeback, LOONA has been dropping teasers left and right making it impossible for Orbits to catch their breath! At midnight KST on September 21, they launched their next attack on fans with stunning concept photos for Kim Lip, Yves, and Vivi.

While all three had a huge impact on hearts everywhere, Vivi especially had fans gasping for breath as she showcased her signature pose, new peachy locks, and powerful energy. The teaser, unsurprisingly, gained attention online within moments of being dropped and soon “VIVI FROM LOONA” was trending worldwide!

Naturally, fans had a lot to say so here are just a few of the many very relatable reactions to Vivi’s beyond-gorgeous teaser!

1. No seriously, I need a moment

2. Lost heart, please claim

3. Everyone’s ready to swerve into her lane

4. If this isn’t me right now

5. Legend — need we say more?

6. Can we talk? Because Vivi from LOONA!

7. Icon. Legend. The moment

8. Solving world problems 1 teaser at a time

9. A true masterpiece

10. Aren’t we all?

With the first set of teasers leaving everyone breathless, it’s probably safe to say LOONA isn’t going to let us catch our breath at all this comeback!