Netizens List The Top 6 Male Idols That Get More Handsome As They Age

#2 underwent a big transformation.

As these idols lost their baby fat, they gained a whole new masculine charm. Check out these 6 male idols that fans have watched mature into the handsome young men they are today!

1. Jungkook (BTS)

As Jungkook has grown up, he transformed from the cute maknae into a charismatic performer!


2. Joshua (SEVENTEEN)

Joshua shocked fans with his recent mature physique in an editorial.


3. Beomgyu (TXT)

As Beomgyu ages, he’s becoming more and more handsome.


4. Haechan (NCT)

Fans have watched Haechan grow into the man he is today.


5. Park Jihoon

Jihoon gets more masculine as he grows up.


6. Cha Junho (DRIPPIN)

Junho has a boyish charm that only becomes more mature and cool as time passeds.


Source: Nate Pann
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