These 7 Male Idols Will Make You Too Shy To Hold Eye Contact

Try not to blush challenge: Failed.

These guys know exactly what they’re doing when they give fans their signature smouldering look. Check out the idols below who can hypnotize fans with their sensual gazes!

1. Jimin (BTS)

Jimin uses his sexy gaze to his advantage on stage.

His eyes give him killer stage presence that shows his fiery passion.

Anytime he’s focused, Jimin is deadly.

2. J-Hope (BTS)

J-Hope’s eyes change and become intense the moment he steps onto the stage.

When he pairs eye contact with a sexy smirk, no ARMYs can survive.

His finishing move that is sure to steal your heart: a wink!

3. Haechan (NCT)

Haechan’s subtle way of lower his eyes is enough to make you swerve into his bias lane.

He holds intense eye contact every moment he performs.

He knows exactly what he’s doing here.

4. Felix (Stray Kids)

With one look, Felix may seem like an anime character come to life.

When he wears contacts, his piercing gaze is even more shocking.

Be careful not to hold eye contact for too long!

5. San (ATEEZ)

San has thin eyes that burst with charismatic charms.

It’s hard not to fall for him after this.

He doesn’t have to be doing much to affect people with his gaze.


Any moment I.M catches a bit of eye contact will make your heart jump.

His glare is a work of art.

We’re all watching this through our fingers, okay?

7. Minhyun (NU’EST)

Minhyun has a warm and sincere gaze.

Sometimes he’s the definition of boyfriend material…

and sometimes he’s totally lethal!

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