9 Of MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Most Iconic Outfits That Will Make You Say “Yes, Queen!”

Only Hwasa could pull off #5.

Hwasa of MAMAMOO is known for her controversial and daring fashion sense. Just like MAMAMOO’s song “Hip” suggests, whether her style choices are praised or criticized, she often causes a big reaction. Here are 9 of her iconic fashion choices that definitely made an impression.

1. Thigh-high yellow boots and a clear Vogue top.

There are two main things going on here: Hwasa’s clear top and her neon yellow boots that connect to her belt…and she totally rocks both.

2. The sexy pants and “underwear” look.

This outfit Hwasa sported at the airport caused a huge buzz. Her biker shorts peek out of her undone, baggy jeans, and it’s a look.


3. Pinstripe suit, but make it Hwasa style.

A typical suit would be too boring for her, so she rocks a cropped and cutout version that shows her mid-drift and thighs.

4. The epic red latex bodysuit.

Her iconic strut at 2018 MAMA in such a fierce monochromatic outfit will make you scream “Period!”


5. Denim on denim…on denim…

Hwasa isn’t afraid to throw together a denim jacket, shirt, and pants. She topped it all off with some black accessories.

6. Fishnet royalty.

Everything about this look is luxurious. From the black velvet, to the rhinestones, to her glamorous hair: She totally killed it.

7. Thigh highs and garters, oh my!

Hwasa pretty much broke the internet when she emerged in some short shorts and thigh-high socks with garters.


8. Matching denim set.

This matching set has cool and sexy vibes when paired with red heels and yellow aviators.

9. Pea coat and jeans look.

Hwasa doesn’t have to be extra to look good. A simple pea coat, GUCCI top, and ripped jeans look classic.