This Is What It Would Be Like To Date MAMAMOO According To Their MBTI Personality Types

Whoever these girls end up with will be lucky AF.

Have you ever wondered what any of the girls of MAMAMOO would be like as your girlfriend? Luckily, their MBTI personality types have been revealed and can give us some insight into their approach to romantic relationships.

1. Hwasa and Moonbyul (ENFP: The Campaigner)

Hwasa and Moonbyul are both ENFP’s. This group is often described as warm, considerate, and passionate people who are eager to put all their effort into their relationships.

ENFP’s are enthusiastic, idealistic, focused on other people’s feelings, and very flexible. This makes them understanding and adaptable partners.

They have unshakeable devotion to their partner and love to share everything about life with them, like their career, hobbies, or just everyday life. You can expect to hear all about their lives as part of MAMAMOO.

Long-distance relationships are no problem for them since they take love so seriously. Distance is merely another small obstacle for them, but they can make it work.

2. Solar (INFJ: The Advocate)

INFJ’s are known for their need for authenticity. They crave in-depth relationships and are often not interested in small talk. Solar would need someone who can be their true selves and not be afraid to delve into serious subjects.

They are not afraid to show their love once they have found someone who genuinely accepts them. Once they have decided they want to commit, INFJ’s are devoted partners.


Sometimes they can get a little too wrapped up in the idea of a perfect relationship and hold themselves to a high standard. Solar also holds herself to a high standard in her career, so it makes sense that she can also be a little hard on herself in her relationship.

3. Wheein (INTP: The Logician)

INTP’s sometimes can be quiet when first opening up to someone, so someone like Wheein would work best with an extraverted partner who can bring that out of her.

They need space and are not as open to talk about their feelings, but as long as you show you’re understanding, they will come around eventually!

As an INFP, Wheein would need someone who is both intellectually challenging and will keep her from getting bored: Do you think you have what it takes?

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