3rd Gen Idol Drops 15-Minute Fitness Routine For Quick Weight Loss

This is how she stays toned!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently gifted fans a full body workout for beginners that’s helpful in aiding weight loss. In only 15 minutes, you can get a great workout! Follow each move below for 30 seconds and then move onto the next one until you complete the entire list.

MAMAMOO’s Solar | @solarkeem/Instagram

1. Knee-ups

Also called high knees, stand in place and use your core to lift your knees.

2. Butt kicks

Bring your heels up to kick your butt as you run.

3. Squats

Perform a traditional body weight squat.

4. Three step lunges

Lunge to the side, diagonally, and then straight backwards. Alternate sides.

5. Arm walking

Start in a standing position. Put your arms on the ground, walk out to plank position, and walk back. Stand up and repeat.

6. Leg pull front + circle (L)

Get in plank position and make counterclockwise circles with your left leg.

7. Leg pull front + circle (R)

Repeat with right leg.

8. Mountain climbers

Get in plank position and alternate bringing each knee towards your chest.

9. Plank hip twist

From plank position on your elbows, use your core to rotate your hips to each side.

10. Single leg bridge (L)

Cross your left leg over your right like so and drive your right heel into the floor to lift your glutes up.

11. Single leg bridge (R)

Repeat on opposite side.

12. Cross crunches + Toe touch (L)

Perform a crunch from opposite elbow to knee and then reach up and perform a toe touch.

13. Cross crunches + Toe touch (R)

Do the same thing on the opposite side.

14. Heel touch

Keep your shoulder blades lifted as you use your abs and reach to touch alternating heels.

15. Bridge kick with pulse

Kick your leg up with performing a glute bridge. Alternate legs with every rep.

16. Jumping jacks

Perform standard jumping jacks.

17. Jump side lunges

Lunge on your left side, shuffle towards your right, and lunge on the right side. Repeat process to both sides.

18. Wide squats (change the direction of your feet)

Also called a sumo squat, keep your legs wider than hip-width apart and perform a squat with your feet facing slightly out. Then, change the direction of your feet to face even more wide and squat again. Repeat.

19. Jump squat + Under clap

Perform a jump squat, then jump up and raise your left leg, clapping underneath. Repeat on both sides.

20. Speed squat

Perform a basic squat at a faster pace.

21. High knees

End the workout with high knees.

Follow along with the full video below!