6 Times MAMAMOO’s Solar Proved She Is A Badass Leader

She doesn’t receive the credit she deserves for #2.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is known as a bubbly main vocal who has adorable dimples. As cute as she is, real MooMoos know she is a fierce leader. Here are some of the times she showed her badass side as an accomplished and honorable leader.

1. She is the protective mama bear of her fellow members.

Solar is protective of her members, especially when faced with reporters who may be probing for controversy. In the following interview, reporters ask about Hwasa going braless.

Solar’s immediate response to these questions lead her to direct the attention away from Hwasa.

The way Solar read the reporter’s intentions and told Byul to answer the question, leader behavior right there.

— Fan

By telling Moonbyul to answer the question regarding their lyrics, she was protecting their maknae from the potentially ill-willed questions.

Moonbyul proceeds to explain how their lyrics were not written by them in this particular song’s chorus and do not necessarily represent them and their fashion choices. Watch the interview below.

2. She uses her platform for good.

Solar’s YouTube channel Solarsido is a place for her to connect with MooMoos.

Here, she has spread awareness for various causes such as educating her following about genital mutilation and preserving the environment on National Polar Bear Day.

Solar continues to spread her beliefs on causes she is passionate about, as well as her philanthropy which inspires MooMoos to donate to charitable causes.

3. She literally gives no f***s.

Solar is open with fans, expressing her opinion on various matters and living life unapologetically. The way she responds to hate comments with an open mind and a humorous twist makes fans love her even more.

Solar also takes up pole dancing, which could be looked at in a negative light by conservative Korean standards. In true iconic fashion that only she could pull off, Solar eats while perched on the pole.

Please, try to watch this video without calling her a queen.

4. Her continuous trials to succeed.

Solar revealed she had continuously auditioned to be an idol and was faced with rejection after rejection.

Her parents became concerned and gave her an ultimatum— if she did not succeed on one last audition, she would stop and become a stewardess.

Her will to give up everything and self-sacrifice to achieve her dreams is an honorable quality in a leader and she carries it with her as the leader of MAMAMOO.

5. She makes small sacrifices, too.

Solar is known as the mood maker of MAMAMOO, always doing silly things to make her members smile…even if it’s not the best for her image.

She takes care of her members and putting them before herself. When she gives them food before feeding herself, these selfless qualities are intuitive to her which makes her a great leader.

6. She gets serious when she needs to be.

It’s not always fun and games for Solar, and she puts on her serious face when she needs to be firm with the members.

Solar is quick to be professional, filling in when her members make mistakes to keep the show going. Don’t let her bubbly exterior fool you, she gets serious when she needs to!