10 Things About MAMAMOO’s Wheein That Make Her The Ultimate Girl Crush

Total girlfriend material.

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein doesn’t lack much. She has the voice, the personality, the looks, and the charisma! These qualities make her not only well-rounded as an idol, but also as a total heartthrob girl crush. Let’s take a look at some of the things that make Wheein so alluring to fans.

1. Her confidence is contagious.

Wheein’s sexy stage presence gives off a confident and badass vibe that makes her even more attractive.

2. She is a goofball.

Wheein isn’t afraid to make a fool of herself for a good laugh and to bring happiness to everyone around her.

3. Baseball caps were made for her.

Anytime Wheein wears a baseball cap, it just screams “girl crush” (bonus points if she wears it backwards!).

4. She is just so squishy.

Something about Wheein’s baby face makes us want to squish her chubby cheeks!

5. She is a natural beauty.

Wheein doesn’t need much to show off her naturally beautiful looks.

6. Her puppy dog eyes.

The thought of looking into Wheein’s starry eyes makes us melt.

7. She is a dancing queen.

Wheein absolutely slays MAMAMOO’s choreography and looks amazing while doing it.

8. She can pull off any hairstyle.

From long luscious locks to a short platinum bob, there is nothing Wheein doesn’t look absolutely stunning in!

9. Her flirtatiousness is irresistable.

The affection Wheein shows to those around her shows how open she is about expressing her feelings of love.

10. She is constantly posting “girlfriend material” pictures.

She knows what she’s doing to fans when she posts these pictures.