We Now Know All Of Girls’ Generation’s MBTI Personalities… Except For One Member

Get to know the OG GG!

Over the years, the MBTI personality tests have gotten rather popular, especially the simplified ones from 16 Personalities. While we are unsure of the accuracy of the tests, many idols have gone on to take it, at the prompt of their fans. After years of badgering the girls from veteran K-Pop group, Girls’ Generation, we now have the answers to all of our questions. Well, except for one.

1. Taeyeon is an ISFJ or INFJ

The kid leader released the information herself on her Instagram story. An ISFJ is a Defender, appropriate for Taeyeon as she is the leader of Girls’ Generation!

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram via theqoo

She must’ve taken the test twice as she uploaded two stories consecutively, with different results. She is also an INTJ, the Advocate.

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram via theqoo

2. Sunny is an ISTJ

A Logistician, the ISTJ is pragmatic and no-nonsense. Very telling as she is known to be good at savings and finances as told by Super Junior‘s Heechul, eventually being able to afford her luxury house. Sunny also revealed this on her Instagram in a Q&A session with fans.

| @515sunnyday/Instagram via theqoo

3. Tiffany, the ENTJ

The ENTJ is the commander type. Tiffany’s MBTI type was released during her time on Unnies Slam Dunk. The “E” really suits her bubbly, outgoing personality! She is also known to have helped Taeyeon out with her leader responsibilities in the group.

4. Hyoyeon the ISTJ

Another Logistician, it is no wonder she and Sunny get along like a house on fire! Hyoyeon’s results were revealed during her time recently on Mnet‘s Good Girl.

5. Yuri, the ENFJ

ENFJs, the Protagonists, are known to be forthright, warm, loving and full of positive energy! Doesn’t that sound just like our Kwonyul? Yuri’s results were released on Instagram as well, a little after Taeyeon and Sooyoung.

6. Sooyoung, the ESFP

As if we needed a test to realize Sooyoung is a born Entertainer! Entertainer types are friendly and vibrant, as well as talented and enjoys the spotlight. She was meant to be a star!

7. Seohyun, the ENTJ

The baby maknae is a Commander it seems, perfect for her maknae-on-top persona! Although she is well-mannered and kind, her firm character and morals, as well as how well she takes care of herself, reveals her leadership potential. She revealed the information on her Instagram previously.

| @seojuhyun_s/Instagram via theqoo

Now all that’s left is Yoona‘s MBTI personality! She has yet to reveal the results online, or state if she has even taken the test before.

While the MBTI personality tests are a fun way for fans to get to know their idols a little bit better, it is important not to place them in a box based on a quiz!

Source: theqoo

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