Meet All 23 Groups Participating On The Hot New K-Pop Survival Show “Peak Time”

Many of these groups previously disbanded!

On February 15, KST, the new JTBC survival show Peak Time, will debut its first two episodes.


The goal of Peak Time is to give opportunities to groups that have been hit hard by the pandemic, had long breaks or frequent member changes, have disbanded or recently debuted, and would like a boost of attention by showcasing their skills.

Here are all 23 groups that are participating in the show!

1. 24K

The second oldest group of the show, 24K debuted in 2012 under Choeun Entertainment. The group has gone through many line-up changes through the years and is currently made up of 6 members: Kiyoung, Imchan, Xiwoo, Yuma, Takeru, and Changsun, who is currently inactive.

| Choeun Entertainment


AIMERS are a six-membered boy group under Hyper Rhythm. After a period of pre-debut activities, they made their official debut in November 2022.

| Hyper Rhythm


Following the MBN reality program The Origin — A, B, or What? seven-membered boy group ATBO made their debut in July 2022.

| IST Entertainment

4. BAE173

BAE173 are a nine-member boy group under PocketDol Studio that made their debut in November 2020. Leader Hangyul was a member of Produce group X1 before its forced disbandment.

| PocketDol Studio

5. BDC

BDC (also known as Boys Da Capo) are a three-member unit group under Brand New Music that made their debut in September 2020. All three members appeared on Produce X 101.

| Brand New Music


BLITZERS are a seven-member boy group under Wuzo Entertainment. They made their debut in May 2021 and are currently on their first U.S tour CHECK-IN.

| Wuzo Entertainment

7. BTL

BTL first made their debut in May 2014 under Kiroy Company as a nine-membered group. The group ultimately disbanded in December 2015, with all the members pursuing different activities. Members Jean-Paul and Do.Ka (now known as Tae-U) are currently active as members of FREEPASS.

| Kiroy Company

8. BXB

BXB (also known as Boy By Brush) are a five-member boy group under Wolfburn are the group to have debuted the latest: their official debut was on January 30, 2023.

| Wolfburn


Two-membered boy group DAYDREAM have yet to make their official debut, but have released two pre-debut singles, “Step to the Rhythm” and “Sweet Dream.”

| PIA Entertainment

10. DNGA (Also known as The BOSS)

DNGA made their debut in 2010, making them the oldest group on the show’s line-up. Currently made up of three members, the group has been on hiatus since 2017.


Another upcoming group, DIGNITY have not set their debut date yet.

| @DGNT_Official/Twitter

12. DKB

Debuting under Brave Entertainment in 2020, nine-membered DBK (which stands for Dark Brown Eyes) released their most recent album In August.

| Brave Entertainment

13. GHOST9

GHOST9 are a seven-membered boy group under Maroo Entertainment that made their official debut in September 2020.

| Maroo Entertainment

14. IN2IT

IN2IT are the six-membered boy group that was formed through the survival show BOYS24. In February 2020, the group terminated their exclusive contract with MMO Entertainment.


15. JWiiver

JWiiver are a seven-member boy group under Starweave Entertainment. They made their debut on February 2022. Several members have appeared on other reality shows, including Produce X 101BOYS24World KlassMIXNINE, and Show Me The Money.

| Starweave Entertainment


KINGDOM is GF Entertainment‘s only active group and made their debut in 2021 with the first of their king-themed title tracks.

| GF Entertainment

17. MASC

Before their disbandment in 2020, MASC consisted of four members.

| J Planet Intertainment

18. M.O.N.T

M.O.N.T are a three-membered group under FM Entertainment. The group has been inactive as two members are currently serving their mandatory enlistment.

| FM Entertainment

19. NTX

NXT are a nine-membered group under Victory Company who made their debut in March 2021. Currently, member Jiseong is inactive.

| Victory Company


At the time of their debut, ROMEO were said to be the “younger brother” group of INFINITE due to their impressive dance synchrony. The group is currently made up of six members, with two currently inactive.

| CT Entertainment

21. BLK

BLK are a seven-member boy group under BYKING Entertainment. The group debuted as six, but had seven members before their disbandment in September 2018.

| BYKING Entertainment


Five-member group VANNER made their debut in February 2019, and have embarked on two U.S tours.

| VT Entertainment

23. W.A.O

W.A.O are a six-member boy group under KINGTOP Entertainment. In March 2021, the group were named as public ambassadors for the Yongshin city branch of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation and Guseong Nonghyup in March of 2021

| KINGTOP Entertainment


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