Meet One Of K-Pop’s Most Underrated Male Groups + Their 10 Best Songs

#4 deserved better.

A harsh but unfortunately true reality in K-Pop is how many groups fail to reach the top. Some make their debut then disband soon after, while others find moderate success. Only a handful really make it big.

Recently, netizens discussed the male counterpart of T-ARA—in other words, the male group who had many recognizable songs and were full of potential, but never became a superstar group that remained popular years after they first made it big.

Teen Top is the perfect example of a group who has yet to reach the top despite having numerous hit songs.

If you want to learn more about this group rife with potential (or if you simply want to walk down memory lane), check out 10 of their best songs below! And remember, they’re still actively promoting as five members, so make sure to show them your support!

1. Crazy

2. Rocking

3. Miss Right

4. No More Perfume On You

5. Clap

6. Supa Luv

7. To You

8. Love Is

9. Run Away

10. Be Ma Girl

Bonus: Being Acknowledged By Yoo Jae Suk

Teen Top