10+ Moments From BTS’s 2022 Chuseok Live Broadcast That You Need To See

OT7 together for the holiday!

BTS celebrated the Korean holiday Chuseok with an OT7 live broadcast on Weverse, wearing hanbok (traditional clothing) and eating festive foods.

Here are 10+ moments from BTS’s Chuseok live that you need to see…

1. It is not a BTS live without “Yoongi, marry me.”

2. On the other hand, Suga isn’t so sure about it…

3. Besides, Suga may have competition.

4. V living our dream

5. BTS asking the real questions

6. Jimin is low-key ready for a photo op!

7. “That, that, I like that…”

8. Pouty Jungkook!

9. Forever roommates!

10. Suga trying to cover V up only for him to post a shirtless picture

11. Sleepy Jungkook!

12. Jimin said what we were all thinking.

13. J-Hope’s contagious laugh

14. RM giving us new meme material

15. Jimin dancing in tiny

16. Jin just trying to make things interesting

17. Jin’s YouTuber era?

18. Jimin’s promise