5 Times TWICE’s Momo Acted Like A Big Kid And It Was Too Cute To Handle

You won’t be able to stop yourself from UWU-ing.

TWICE‘s Momo, who is more popular than the Apple iPhone, can’t help but be adorable literally all the time. Whether she’s complaining about not being hungry (despite eating a lot) or baking herself a cake on her birthday, she is just the cutest! It’s totally possible, though, that she got her totally kawaii persona from her parents, who don’t hold back in supporting their famous daughter.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list because putting together all the cute Momo moments would take the rest of our lives, here are five times Momo acted like a big kid and it was the cutest thing ever.

1. That time she acted cutely and said, “oppa~”

2. That time she played with the bunny hat

3. That time she insisted she was in a scene and made the members rewatch it

4. That time she totally missed the bowl

5. That time she was very pleased with herself for blowing bubbles

Did your favorite Momo-as-a-big-kid moment make our list? If not, what would you have included?


Source: YouTube