10+ Heart-fluttering Moments MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Took Care Of Her Members Like A Girl Crush

#4 will make your heart beat a little faster.

Moonbyul is constantly showing her love for the MAMAMOO members in every way, including physically. Here are 10+ moments she protected them that will totally make you fall for her!

1. Moonbyul protects Solar just in case she shows too much skin by mistake.

2. The girl crush vibes are insane.

3. She’ll even fix her hair for her.

4. The way she escorts Wheein will make your heart burst.


5. Sweater falling off? Not a problem for Moonbyul.

6. Goodbye to whatever was on Wheein’s clothes.

7. First, she cleans Solar’s face…but then, she goes for the teeth.

8. Boyfriend Moonbyul will close the car door for you.

9. You can tell how much she cares for the members by her generous and loving actions.

10. She helps protect Solar’s short skirt as she goes up the stairs.

11. She’s the sweetest angel!

12. Tired? Just let Moonbyul carry you off stage.

13. She acts as a shield for any wardrobe malfunction.

14. Even the way she looks is so loving!

15. She keeps looking back to check if Solar is okay.