NCT’s Jungwoo Spotted Smoking—Here Are 9 Of The Funniest Reactions

NCTzens can make light of any situation 😂

At the mention of NCT‘s Jungwoo, many fans think of how cute and funny he typically is. Based on a sighting of him allegedly smoking, in a photo set of a man wearing the same outfit, hairstyle, and as below, that’s changed.

| @closer_zw/Twitter

In the same way that Lucas had fans feeling a little thirsty from how sexy he looked captured with cigarettes, the same is unfolding with Jungwoo. Here are nine of the funniest and thirstiest reactions to the new discovery.

1. There’s no need to smoke alone now

2. Before tapping into his cute side, he just needs a little puff

3. If they were Jungwoo, they’d need a smoke break too

4. The “Johnny’s Communication Center” episode everyone needed

5. The sexy side of Jungwoo that’s too much to take

6. One too many times of doing aegyo takes its toll

7. Lucas and Jungwoo taking a smoke break together

8. No can poke fun at themselves like NCTzens

9. What Jungwoo’s apology through Lsyn Bubble would look like

Source: Photo

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